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  1. Hey Endy Welcome to the forum !
  2. I wish you peace, happiness, health and well-being in your life. I hope you will always be one of the winners!
  3. I don't know her but sad news! The death of something does not mean that it disappears. After autumn, spring will surely come..
  4. Aging is good Happy birthday !
  5. congratulationssssssssssssss bro I hope you like it only 1 slice!
  6. Even though I don't understand a single word, it leaves a nice feeling
  7. wow, u level freak 😉


    1. mehmet


      You've finished your watch , go to sleep grandpa

      Also, don't forget to take your medicine! 😉

  8. Hey I saw you several times on BG2 server. Now we are playing the same game with 8 gb graphics card and 2 tb ssd.. Time.. Welcome back to the forum and the game!
  9. I wish you a happy and peaceful life habibi! Happy Birthday !
  10. I honestly didn't think I'd be caught on camera No comment .. Women are our mothers , wives and sisters ! They always deserve good things! (By the way, I apologize to the women in the game, sometimes I don't know that the other person is a woman! I'd rather give you flowers than bullets ) Thanks to everyone who participated and organized!
  11. I was absent for about 15-20 days.

    Those who hate me can come to the game and kill me easily!

    I may not give you this chance after 2 days! 😄 

  12. Some things don't need to write much, one frame can mean so much!




    1. ASBO



  13. Happy Birthday !
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