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  1. Any update dude? I'm sure I'm not the only one that's fantasized about doing what you're doing while staring at my computer screen all day!
  2. The apocalypse sucks...but I love all the new forum content :) 

    1. GHARIB


      Yo bubble. 


      How r u  mate

    2. bubblehash


      Ready for some ET goodness :) 

  3. One of the cool parts about moving to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest has been how much clearer the moon and stars appear. I stood my in backyard for like 15 minutes the other night just staring at the moon
  4. Oh my god...i love this picture...you have enriched my life today
  5. Hey dude! My wife loves the Keto diet, but she's doing more of a "low carb" thing now since strict Keto gets hard to maintain with young kids. I just wanted to share this site/app with everyone in case you haven't seen it yet. It was a lifesaver for Keto and gave us a lot of good new recipes. https://www.eatthismuch.com/ You click on Keto, tell it how many calories over how many meals and it'll generate the meal plan. You can include/exclude certain foods and keep clicking regenerate to get new recipes
  6. I do have to ask tho...what would that big block be like on asphalt...for science...
  7. Why you gotta remind me of one of the few good parts about growing up in Ohio right before the apocalypse? I used to love going to the dirt track races. It's awesome when you see like 20 people sliding around the oval and you know they all wrenched on their own cars. I always did wonder how so many small towns in the middle of nowhere could support enough self-owned landscaping companies to fund the cars though
  8. I love that I'm in my 30's and adding clan tags to my name still made me as happy as it did :D  Thanks FA dudes :) 

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    2. CabaL


      You better !splat everyone attacking me if I'm under 50hp

    3. AnG3L
    4. daredevil


      Welcome to the club! 

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