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  1. You may find it funny. Far-right politician stole a rainbow flag and ran away. :D



    1. BrokenHope


      I don't know why but I laughed more than I should have :D

  2. I really hate when i am engineer and do 80-90% of the map and have to switch teams and almost always loose after that...
  3. Me on the right (Broken_Hope) and my brother on the left (Aggressive_Perfector)
  4. Can we remove Siwa Oasis TE and bring back original version becouse of 3 things: 1. Allied bots dont move after blowing Old City Wall (idk about Axis) 2. High potential of rushing by pressing Door Controls at old city by Alled Covert Ops 3. If there (usualy) are more than 10 people each side (one) Water Pump is constantly destroyed and eliminating one path for Allies witch makes going near Axis spawn impossible Thanks in advance
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