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  1. First of all: hello and welcome! I believe nobody will judge you, we all have some past more or less the one we can be proud of, everything you wrote is understandable and what matters is that everything is okay now ^^ . I don't like describing myself and I think there's nothing wrong with that, don't forget we're here to have some fun together! Have a nice day too!
  2. Happy birthday and all the best!
  3. Hello and welcome!
  4. Hello and welcome! I can kinda relate to what you wrote. Hope you'll join Jay1 someday (although the atmosphere is different there ) ^^
  5. Haven't looked on this topic for a while ^^ After one week of seeing this on my YT recommendation tab, I opened it and just wow
  6. Welcome back and nice to meet you! ^^
  7. Sunno

    NQ hit detection

    I'm not familiar with NQ but I heard somewhere that hitboxes on NQ are smaller and there are cvars: "g_realHead - Head hitbox will follow the animation that is played, just like ETPro." "g_painAnims - Shows pain animations. This is a serverside CVAR because the pain animations effect where the head hitbox is, when coupled with g_realHead."
  8. I'd wish you happy birthday, but that Sylvanas though ://
  9. Sunno

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome!
  10. 1. Try entering a command /seta com_hunkmegs 256 in console 2. If it doesn't work - delete all files in /User/Documents/ETLegacy/nq, download http://wolffiles.de/filebase/ET/Mods/nq_v1-2-9_b6.zip, open with e.g winrar or 7zip, put files nq_v1.2.9_3.pk3, nq_b_v1.2.9_6.pk3 and unpack the one I attached (again using winar/7zip) nq.rar
  11. Sunno

    Happy Birthday B]

    Happy Birthday and all the best!
  12. I would say it's a good idea, but it is more complex and I'd still prefer to rely on people's decision. Before I balance the teams, I check /scores few times, to see if the gap between scores is extending, stable or decreasing and when I play I try to feel if it's unbalanced, like you said, there are some parts of map, where it's harder for one on another team push/defend. Sometimes one team focuses more on obj than kills and, despite worse scores, it wins map. There are also variables like respawn times, players that joined recently (I know not many look at these, they're included in game sense, but I think it should be considered, when we try to estimate size of unbalance (hope you understand this part ^^). Another thing is how to calculate how many players team needs, make a formula, compare result and accept that e.g for each multiplicity of 50 the team needs 1 more player or prioritize some variables over other and decide if teams are unbalanced (e.g kills are more important, so when the difference is too big, lock one team, if not, compare damage, etc.). As I said, overall this issue is interesting (and maybe worth considering), for sure it's not easy to decide how to balance teams (If we talk, that it should be automatic) and I don't know how about possibility of implementing that (I guess it should be possible). Off-topic I felt like I was writing an essay on my english lessons ^^
  13. Sunno

    Happy Birthday B]

    Happy birthday and all the best!

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