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  1. Not sure what the server activity looks like, but thought I would drop a note. As soon as the Covid insanity started I bugged out 1200 miles from home to my ‘secret bunker’....in the glorious sunshine of South Florida. I’ve only been part of the community for a short time, but wanted to drop a note to let my ET friends know that I miss you, am thinking about you, and am praying actively that everyone is healthy. Huge love to all of you! Special shout outs to Vehx and Larysa and KillaChris.....hope no one gets offended when I say I miss you most. All my best!
  2. I live in SW Michigan....I have a trail cam set up in my back yard to watch over my bee hives (you can't see them in the dark here.) Captured video of this thing at 1:47 am on 2/19 and then again at 3:12 am on 2/23. Is this a cat or some other weirdness?
  3. Just wondering what, if any, the language parameters are for adminning. I know the rules are clear about racism and harassment, but I've seen a particular player saying some particularly ugly words on a regular basis. While I am not prudish and am definitely not above using the occasional swear word, is it possible that some players go too far? I private messaged the person in question to "maybe choose some different language," but want to know if I am crossing the line in doing so. It's amazing how mature the VAST majority of players are here...quite astonishing, really....it's definitely a r
  4. That looks AMAZING! I LOVE Bresaola.....congrats, that process takes so much time and patience. Awesome!
  5. HUGE racing fan...love open wheel and NASCAR alike. I've been to every Indy 500 since 1983, and every Bristol spring race since 2010. Any other fans?
  6. Also a soft-tip dart league player....just sayin'
  7. Thanks (and great name BTW!) We are wide eyed about the commitments and have ALWAYS wanted to do this, it is the culmination of 30 years of extremely hard work we have invested in the service industry. If you're the praying sort, we would love a few moments of your uplift time...we are definitely going to need it. Top floor is already taken....taking reservations for lower level units If you are ever in the SW Michigan area, pop in and I'll buy you drink
  8. Just thought I would put this out here. My wife and I are purchasing a local bar/restaurant that went out of business. The previous owners absolutely ran this business into the ground. We are going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and restore her to glory. The business was owned by several other entities since the 1950's and the building itself is from the 1850's so it has a long standing tradition and reputation that we get to restore. The challenge has been the liquor license. It has proven to be a nightmare because the owners were in arrears with their taxes to the state...thus the
  9. Some seriously powerful images here! Are these random images you appreciate, or are these in a specific collection somewhere? That Petrov work with the funeral sleigh is really incredibly moving.
  10. Flamethrower....nobody every uses it, and it's fun to take advantage of choke points and bottlenecks. You can play for hours and only get one multikill, but it feels so good when it happens. Also the IED. Fun to time it just right and drop that pineapple in the middle of a group huddle.
  11. Hey friends...had a great discussion on the HC server a few weeks ago but cannot remember who it was with. We were discussing smoking/grilling meat. I found a beautiful picanha yesterday and hope to smoke that bad boy up later this week.
  12. Hahaha...thanks for this! I'm not sure many have ever heard of this song or my town, but it's appreciated that you took the extra minute Thank you all for the kind welcome! Look forward to getting to know you all.
  13. Hey friends...I'm Scott. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I'm a DJ/business owner in r/l, and am happily married with 2 teenagers. Love playing here. Thanks for the kindness. Was invited here, originally, by Meep. Not sure what else to say, but thanks Best server evah. And thanks Vehx, KillaChris, and Ogeazy (sp?) for being really friendly....you are wonderful ambassadors.
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