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  1. There are other ways to get out of spawn, If the flag is being held, the tunnels of the map are still open, so no one is "trapped". Going the lower tunnels is one of the better ways to go offense. I.e. If the other team capped your flag, they also just made it easier to get to their objective.
  2. :)'s Resurrection at 38 means it almost never plays in the evening West coast USA time. :(. The map is built for league play (12)...as well as 64., so it works with 10 people or 64. Increase of the time would be Great, Its a really fun map and gets more "good games" at the end then most. A few minutes more would allow Allies to win more. (I usually play axis- just so it doenst end quick , and I know the choke points, a to b times Very well-Was like 6 of us in RivrStyx's [RES] Clan back in the day. Agreed the spawn time changes could make Tethonia winnable. Hy
  3. requested changes: resurrection, 14, 64, (and to 35-40min) and ADD BACK to rotation: am_hydro_dam, 14, 64 (no time limit- its dual obj- it will end) remove: Tethonia- waste of time for objective play- Allies wont win . Marrakech Streets 2 - not a good map for objective- allies wont win. WarBell - fun map- but it clears the server put Stalingrad back to two Tanks. Slap Cabel before he comes and tears apart my post
  4. I have found Cortex to be a blast with a full server of 40-60, I've played it for hundreds of hours, for years, Most of those hours/years as an admin in the full server. (Whosgaming ~2005-2009) Map makes ya learn to move out of spawn quick :). I find it balanced the way it is. Just as with most maps its a challenge to get the objectives. The flag by the computer is easily obtainable in a full server, if tried, a few ways to it, and with double jump... anyways, sorry that some don't like the map,(but seems everyone doesnt like some maps) I find its one of the funner maps to play
  5. <--- Grabs popcorn How about ET_TANK , old RTCW The Tank ) Buck says it needs work to play w bots ("waypoints for Omnibot) or: ET_Tank_beta3 https://ets-clan.com/index.php?/files/file/364-et_tank_beta3/ cortexbeta - cortexbeta_who.pk3 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/122-cortexbeta-cortexbeta_whopk3/ RTCW Depot 2 - rtcw_depot2_102.pk3 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/190-rtcw-depot-2-rtcw_depot2_102pk3/ et_depot beta 1 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1639-et_depot/ Saberpeak - saberpeak_
  6. Currently: resurrection, 38, 64, (20 min) am_hydro_dam, 28, 64 (20 min). Requested changes: resurrection, 14, 64, (and to 35-40min) am_hydro_dam, 14, 64 (no time limit)
  7. Re: Resurrection Map wont start without min specified number of clients playing, Resurrection was at 40 its now at 38. Resurrection map was made for ~12 people. I've played Resurrection Thousands of times, its one of the more balanced maps out there, its does take a bit to learn the map, but once learned its a lot of fun. Many short cuts and jumps to get across the map quick. The Mapmaker (RivrStyx) used to play all the time. Re: Hydro If your spawn camping on Hydro- just go ahead and grab them docs by the spawn your campin and get the job done! I've
  8. Increase the time limit for Resurrection to 40 min AND get rid of the min client of 40 please. Increase the time limit for HydroDam to 1 hour ( it usually ends in 15 min)
  9. Castleattack usually clears out after Gold Rush cause many people are expecting Resurrection to play, but Res is stuck at a 40 player min.
  10. Hydro Dam is a dual objective map, please make it like baserace is set now, there has to be a winner. i.e. remove time limit
  11. Resurrection- Increase time to 30-40 mins And please lower minclients to 0. (Allies usually win in 10-15 mins so increasing time length probably wont change anything unless i play axis ) right now its at 20 mins, a bit short for 40+ peeps, 20 mins with 10-20 peeps is perfect'. right now it only plays once a day after Gold Rush gals and then Only if the server has 40 people Playing(specs dont count), so at West coast USA prime time the map never plays Blah Blah Blah
  12. Thanks again for changing this setting, it really seems to make a difference in game play, I was away long enough for my xp to expire on Jay 1, but upon return I do see the medic class working, Thanks
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