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  1. Thanks! I only wish I could find the original source. But it's worthy of WOLF ET history I guess. I wonder what Mad_Over_Clocker is up to these days? LOL!
  2. Me and Madover Clocker just having some fun flaming the Allies..non-stop! Great times! Sorry for the poor quality video, until I can find the original one, this will have to do for now. Anyway, enjoy!
  3. Yep! The Happy Penguin Classic server was my fav, depot map all the time! I loved it when the Allies would plant dynamite in the coal-shot, just under the Axis spawn point. Then everyone started to changing their gamer tag to coal-shot rapist! lol Wish that map was also in the rotation. Yeah, that's frustrating. But never played this map with bots. Only humans!
  4. Does anyone remember this map? Called the tank. Objectives: MISSION: The Axis and Allies are facing off in an abandoned Mountains. Each side has set up operations in the area. OBJECTIVES (AXIS): - Defend the prototype Tank to the last man... - Steal top secret war documents from an Allies Field Operations and deliver them to Kommendantur. - Defend the Forward Bunker from the Allies. - Do not let Allies Breach the Main Garage Door - Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post in the Side Bunker. - Build a Command Post in the Forward Bunker. OBJECTI
  5. The universe is a bit crumbly but good!

  6. I didn't know where to post this topi but I would like to share my youtube channel. I host a daily live show about composing for classical guitar and I also live stream WOLF ET, along Rainbow Six and Battlefield! Let me know if it's okay to post a link to my youtube channel so everyone can enjoy my live stream. Thanks! ET
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys! It's always good to know that the cake in much appreciated here!
  8. Yep! It's me crumblcake. I guess I am a legend around these parts....right? Well, nice to meet you!
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