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  1. Hi @RendeL, Not sure why but !teams2 is not working in #bg2, not sure if anyone else noticed it. Yesterday both @Ins4ne and myself where getting permission denied when trying to use it. !teams1 was working fine. Could you please take a look and see what's wrong? Thanks mate!
  2. Sup PaIace how is going in self isolation?

    1. Palace


      Hi mate,


      Yesterday was the 14th day so we are not in self-isolation anymore theoretically :) So better tbh. It has been hard with the little one + working + taking care of the house... but we survived and my wife is starting to feel better so we are getting there.


      Thanks for asking, really appreciated.


      How are you doing with all this? Stay safe!




    2. Nancy


      Everything is ok, we are on quarantine in Croatia... :) Italy is so near so we afraid a bit.. 

      our country is much much weaker,  nearly the poorest country of EU *(Bulgaria is even worst than Croatia)


      It is time to carry for people near you and your family...



    3. Palace


      Yeah mate you are 100% right.


      We are in UK and I'm from Spain and trust me, both countries are shit, so no matter how poor is your country, this is gonna affect massively.


      At the end this can only be controlled by the people, and if the people is silly and keep doing stuff and not being isolated, then is not gonna get better.


      Stay safe and take care of the family! I will do the same!



  3. Thanks feder! Very good explanation and useful command! will try to use it more and encourage people as well to do it!!!
  4. If you are near the obj definitely is better needle as leaves the enemy zombie, but by default knifes is the best!!! There is nothing more satisfying than using the knife in a battle or even better from the back!
  5. I'm with MP45 as well!
  6. Definitely Paaaaaanzer!!!!
  7. For me there is nothing better than a knife fight!!!! @Ins4neI'm sure you are with me! XD
  8. My favourite alcoholic drink is ALL OF THEM, hahahahhah!!! I don't have any preference, but a good Gin Tonic in a balloon glass with lots of ice is amazing. My favourite Gin brand is G'vine and a very specific one from a Spanish region called Galicia (north west) which is called Nordes, you should try this last one if you have a chance. here the image. It has a very special and unique flavour! Enjoy!!!
  9. Just joined to play one and see what was going on there... crazyness!!! Love it!!! Congrats to the admins for the effort on organising it! +++
  10. I would keep capuzzo and remove minas, the rest LGTM!!!
  11. After 10h is there anyone alive?! I have missed this one but will do my best to be on the following ones guys!!! Have fun!
  12. Hi guys, Just created the account as the ET server is really good!

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