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  1. My personal opinions and observations: #2 gets easy after the 4th player joins, anything less is more fun Of course this depends on the players´ loadouts: if everyone has a mg and full amount of spam onboard, its not hard. Less spam and more shooting would be more fun on #2 but I would not touch the playercount tho. Basically the same for #4 but with higher numbers: with up to 4 players it seems theres not too many buts, after that it steadily increases the difficulty until theres around 8 players or more and they annihilate bots with everything you can carry This is fun and a big factor why many regulars come on the server! Then theres the lag of course and massive teamkill. Both of these are more like features on a server like this. At some points and maps it becomes almost like a running contest on #2: people want to get max kills and run in front to get them and capture for points ( theres only so many bots ).
  2. Server #4 maps: I wanted to make a list of maps that I have enjoyed, but cant find a complete list with pictures that helped me to remember the names . I dislike all the maps with bushes cos tehy prevent me from seeing the bots and still the bots can see me ( after considering I admit that this seems to be the meaning of bushes in some cases ). 1 good map with quite balanced features is depot ( dusty streets and metrotunnels beneath ). I havent asked about it a lot but at least 1 other person likes it! Maps I really dont enjoy with 8+ players are the "tunnelruns" like launch_control. Bots have 0 possibility to even get close to recapturing anything in the counterattacks cos they will burn in the bottlenecks ( which the tunnel is ). With around max 4 ppl its fine, not as many tk´s either. Maybe could consider having less possibility to have huge amount of incendiaries too. Now you can have M203 incendiary launcher in your rifle, a M79 napalm launcher and 1 incendiary grenade in your setup !!! Maybe 1 incendiary object would be enough?
  3. I m quite happy tho, its faster than what they promise ( which is 200/20 ) My computer is an oldie goldie tho
  4. Its Yokasteliya, Yoka in short. My main obsession has been Insurgency and those of you who play co-op, might have seen me around. Am from Finland, my gamename translates roughly to bedwetter, thats supposed to be funny! I try to act my age, which is extremely adult 48, but I fail sometimes.

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