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  1. I am very ok with a poll.
  2. Later I will post here my demos, and then I am out. there is no point in discussing this matter anymore. It’s clearly to me why people defend FG42+Adren, clearly is much more powerful combination of adrenaline then with any other weapon, and that’s why people use it.
  3. I am not ignoring nothing. First off, you go and make demo of Jay3, when the topic is about Jay2. Second off, I can also go on the server and find people using adrenaline, but in fact most of the people don't use it. But I will do something for you. Today I will spend all day making demos, in the exact moments that are more convenient for my narrative. EDIT: actually the last demo was made on jay2, my bad. One of the demos was made in Jay3 tho.
  4. Enjoy playing with bots, when all the rage quitters are gone.
  5. Like many said, the topic is about FG42+Adren, that’s still my problem. Many do agree with me that the combination of both is way more powerful then the combination of any other weapon with Adrenaline. My problem was never with just FG42. My problem was never just with Adrenaline. My problem is both of them together.
  6. To be honest, I rarely see a Covert Ops with a FG42 destroying objectives with Satchel Charges. I do see Covert Ops with Sten do it. I rarely see anything objective related done by Covert Ops with FG42, I only see them run as fast as possible, kill a few, or in the case of Lorthae kill the whole opponent team, respawn and repeat.
  7. My main problem with this whole situation is the Adrenaline together with FG42, just FG42 I have no problem. Even tho is a very powerful weapon.
  8. I rarely see medics using adrenaline. And I spend a lot of time in spec.
  9. I totally agree with Carano. But I think I found the solution. @daredevil what about an exact copy of jay2 without adrenaline?
  10. That’s exactly what happens on maps like purefrag. A lot of players choose FG42 and make the map not enjoyable at all. Also that map should have a smaller limit of max players, the map is way too small for so many people.
  11. My browser died some way ..I fixed that, I hope. The reason why I didn't move on yet, is because I actually like the people that plays on Jay2 (I mean the regulars, like Leatherface, Jiren, Osie, etc). There I agree with you, I also despise campers. Maybe that's the solution, I start using FG42
  12. Don't forget that Jiren doesn't speak English very good. I don't think that he is "secretly bullying between the lines" at all. (Actually he uses Google Translator) And nobody is attacking you because you play with FG42+Adren. I am fine with it. When I don't feel good I move on and find a place where I feel better. Is that simple.
  13. Actually that's exactly what I have been doing. We have been working on the new etpro server, but it's not yet ready. In the mean time I play either on the silent servers or outside of FA.
  14. That's NOT what I see when guys like Lorthae are playing. What I see is him cleaning out the whole opponent team with the FG42+Adren. Med packs don't require skills, doesn't matter if you are a good player or a bad player, doesn't give you the same advantage that FG42+Adren gives. FG42+Adren on the hands of a skilled player is just too powerful compared to other weapons together with Adren. I would like it if this was a healthy discussion, no need to start attacking each other.
  15. Hello, I have spoken with @daredevil about this, but I feel it should be a open discussion. The thing is, I know Jay2 is an Adrenaline server, but the combination of FG42+Adrenaline is just too powerful compared to the other weapons. In the hands of a very good player it's a disaster in my opinion. I have seen lately many server regulars and admins grown increasingly frustrated with this situations. I have seen also quite a few people leave the game or the server because of that. My question is (suggested by @CaRaNo), is there a way we can limit Adrena
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