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  1. I bounce back and forth between 1024 and 1920. I'm kind of just used to playing on 1024 from playing on 4:3 in csgo for years now
  2. Yeah sometimes I switch between 1080 and 1024 depending upon how I feel but I never change my FOV or sensitivity. And no mouse acceleration on.
  3. By request here is a copy of the config that I'm currently playing on. Its not special, and I did it the lazy way with /writeconfig so enjoy. nightmarecfg.cfg
  4. You guys want to do it today anywhere from 2:00 - 5:00. And by the way who are the 3 guys you are gonna use?
  5. Tomorrow we can have a 3 vs 3 skrimish, but it will have to be on jaymod. We have a server. please contact me through xfire. Either tell N!trox to contact me or my xfire is " nightdon ". Hope you guys are up for it.
  6. Yeah we have a server A.G. N!trox good to see that you will play, I was hoping so. I hope we can play guys. Will be a lot of fun.
  7. This is N!ghtmare from the DRi* clan and I have been talking to a few of your members about a skrimish between F|A and DRi*. What do you guys say? We are down for it. Just let me know if you guys want to play.
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