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  1. Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Digging the dancing queen
  2. I've seen a surge of BG2 selfie activity, yeah. I request (yes): flamma, mirror and MIDNIGHTPARTY (sic). @Ins4ne I'll consider once I've been granted with level 3 admin privileges @notellenPage We are talking L3 admin = !admintest = 15
  3. Just as cool as and gentlemanlike ("3-CPO") as I imagined. Btw, there is tremendous pressure for all BG2 regulars to post their photo.
  4. How about a bigger map overhaul? Replacements: Siwa Oasis → Siwa Oasis SW (Beta 3) Gold Rush Gals → SW GR TE final Supply Depot 2 → Supply Depot 3 (winter theme!) Radar → the one Radar version someone suggested above Add: Ghetto (non)Xmas Adlernest final Communique (Base) Amsterdam (UJE) final Raiders final Tramfight ET Assault (Beta 4) Baserace daytime (easier to shoot adre supermen and -women) Delete: Fueldump (or make more balanced by adding spawn time, deleting dump axis spawn) River Port MLB Daybreak Karsiah Battery (ppl cant play this well on the server..) Minas Tirith FA Temple Stalingrad – the worst ET map I've ever encountered
  5. alligator, just kidding
  6. After this explanation I still don't understand how you came to not become Ellen Page. If I don't remember wrong, you censored certain alcoholic influences from your story. Hah! Since my story was featured, I got to say few things about my nick too. I originally took the name over five years ago, maybe six, when I was on a Finnish ET server. Too bad I couldn't find player records of those times anymore. I didn't put too much effort into my name back then, but I wanted to have a name that is something else than the typical, teenage-boyish, and overall silly FPS handles that are all around. Around those times I had been watching Ellen Page's material (The Tracey Fragments, Hard Candy, Juno, Whip It, To Rome With Love -- check the underlined!), and digged her a lot. Also, I kinda liked and still like playing with a feminine name. Hearts <333 are just fun in a shooter game, red colour as well.
  7. So you use very low m_pitch and m_yaw with high ET mouse sensitivity? Interesting, I might try something like that. But adjusting sensitivities so much (ET sens from 4,5 -> 25) would require touching computer sens too. My m_pitch "0.022" works fine with my other sensitivity values, it wasn't a typo. Your's seems so low, though. I'm aware of seta being a text file command -- it's in my post since I copy pasted values from my configs and edited them. My point here is: mouse values and other settings need to be in "harmony", they aren't going to work well unless you look at all of them at the same time. (And I'm not directing this message to anyone in particular.)
  8. What mostly improved my accuracy was getting a mouse with adjustable sens aka DPI profiles. Stretching (/stiffness), weight training, and even mood affect playing quite a bit. I often go through all four DPI profiles in a session. Currently I use DPIs 1400, 1550, 1700 and 1850 in Logitech hub. ET sens something like 4,5, which I never change. Are you sure? Don't you mean seta m_pitch "0.015" & seta m_yaw "0.020" ? That m_pitch would be quite low. Many good players seem to have low m_pitch, but I struggle to look up with anything below 0.022.
  9. How much did you have to pay to Hans Zimmer for composing the soundtrack? 10 years worth of yearly FA donations?
  10. I didn't check damage, but I usually have pretty good damage given as 90 per cent of the time I'm playing as an aggro-medic. I was in that allies team, and gave up after 15 mins or so. Wasn't the first time my hope runs out. Hah!
  11. For contemporary fiction and non-fiction, Library Genesis is the superior service. They have scientific journals, too. I've downloaded thousands of books from there. Amazing site. Links / proxies from Wikipedia, or: https://libgen.is/search.php?&req=the+economist&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=id&sortmode=DESC That lists newest "The Economist" magazines.
  12. Not surprising how some seem to find no problem with those teams. Fact is, in Goldrush those sides will mean allies would not win even 1 in 10 games. Teams get very easily unbalanced with top (>13 KR) players. And yes, KR works as a heuristic showing skill levels. There are differences when looking at a KR 5 level player compared to level 10, and definitely level 10 compared to level 20. I joked today on Beg#2 that players with a KR higher than 13 should get banned from the server. Honestly, I really think that would be best for everyone's enjoyment. I personally lose quite a bit of interest when I have to play against some KR 20 fellow.
  13. Impressive bottle collection! Don't forget to obtain my fav "Black Opium" by Yves Saint Laurent. Will woo all the ladies and yourself too.
  14. One way of dealing with unbalanced teams would be making it possible to only join the team with a certain amount of less kills or KR. So you'd need to change the team joining mechanic. Now balance could be undone either when: a) player makes team weaker by going spec or leaving, or b) player joins the better team that has less players. A better option would be to control team strength by automatically checking KR (or kill difference in later stages of a map). Let's say axis have a KR advantage of 10 and we accept only 8. They have 7 players and allies 9. You could only join allies as long as the KR difference is over 8 in axis advantage or vice versa. Team balance on Beg#2 has been clearly better compared to March - June this year. What sometimes is a problem that persists, is how absolute top players (flamma, Phantom, El) "mess up" comparative strength of teams. Often people look at how many players each side has, but when we have, for example, 10 vs 12 it usually doesn't matter. If you understand the game and check /scores, it's usually quite obvious when there are issues and when there are none. TLDR: Good balancing requires changing the mechanics of which team you can join. About map selection then. What I've noticed I've been doing when I see some votes being cast, is that I tend to give three points to a map that I wish to win over another map that has been given votes. These maps tend to be the popular ones. Great, less played maps are the losers in these situations. I don't think there is an easy solution to playing a good variety of interesting maps and democracy. I personally would like to see old ET style campaigns (three maps played in same order, EXP starts from zero) and other game types like Last Man Standing (no respawn) and Stopwatch (both defence and attack plays, locked teams). But I doubt others like these ideas. Also, people with rights: call !nextmap and !shufflenorestart more often! They reignite a map that gets stalled. Sometimes two or three people can succeed in voting a map (Minas Tirith, I'm looking at U!) people get bored at in five minutes. I don't support a delay in voting a map again, since that is not an issue. Maybe you could code it so that the server offers authoritatively a new and exciting map that hasn't been played often (TC Base, V2 Base, Adlernest, Cathedral, ET Ice, Reactor). As for stacking, just give stackers a kick and a short ban from server. They know what they are doing.

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