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  1. Where are you? :exclaim

    1. Hitch


      Beg2 misses you ❤️

  2. Ellen

    ET Server Suggestion Silent1 and Others - !HowFair Cmd

    About KR: I don't quite understand, why it is allowed for a player to reset his or hers KR. If you even sometimes use KR to check balances, it should not be allowed. Certain people reset several times when they are playing. Also never reseting is a problem since then KR won't move much, and skilled players can end up with much lower KR than their real level. I recommend either timed resets (like once a month) or resets by request done by an admin. Regardless, when used properly KR does mesure what it is supposed to measure. That is kill to death ratio, and that only. Killing bots o
  3. Ellen

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    My secret recipe for killing sprees and 50 % acc...
  4. Ellen

    ET Server Suggestion Rush Rule Clarity - Silent #1

    The danger is they will change it to: touching the final objective is forbidden. So risky business, this is!
  5. Ellen

    ET Server Suggestion Rush Rule Clarity - Silent #1

    Usually when the point of the game is to win it, players look to do that as quickly as possible. So to be honest, I don't really get the rush rule. Maybe on a so called beginner's server, but anywhere else it seems pointless. Analogy to eating would be more like: buffet recommends you to try all foods they serve, but you decide to just eat pizza.
  6. Ellen

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Could we have few new maps now that this selection has been there for some time? I'd like to see these maps: Baserace (night version best), Haunted Mansion, Adlernest, Tramfight, Marrakech, and of course FA Oasis. Maybe Adlerhorst and Bergheim that Kermit suggested above. The server tends to have quite a small amount of votable maps compared to other servers. Why is that? I don't think it's because of player amount adjustments. Usually Silent1 has like three to four times more votable maps. If some maps were to be removed, I'd take off all three 1944 maps and River War. Something I have
  7. Also these binds and setting help: bind F9 "SCORES" bind F10 "say ^6You can !putteam me to balance teams!" bind F11 "AUTOSCREENSHOT" seta cg_autoAction "3" F9 for quickly checking scores, F10 to notify admins when you have to join "wrong" team and F11 if you need to take a quick SS. Autoaction 3 value records everything automatically (in Silent mod at least).
  8. Good rule! Please enforce it too. Could !putteam trialists/members who won't balance, if clearly it is their job. Moving one or two skilled non-members then is a different thing.
  9. Donald, you could try posting your config (autoconfig?) here if server setting in it are not right. I don't think, though, that r_primitives or fixed player movement help (video render and FPS<->movement adjustment).
  10. Ellen

    ET BEGINNERS #2 vc match

    Yeah, this is how it should optimally go. But then also I'd recommend locking teams at start of each map.
  11. Happiness to Transylvania! Don't forget to get wasted.
  12. But can you get stable 125 FPS in Fuel Dump?
  13. Quite nice, many new routes. Should be added to Beg2 and Silent1 ASAP! That Allied CP really was placed oddly in the original.
  14. Welcome our new leading Romanian star!
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