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  1. You want fun , instead of playing objectives , to much waiting for game days , event's? So come to play every Sunday from 12 to 15 CET on our F|ABeginners2 server!!! No more sharing panza's , everyone will have it . Want to try your K43 or M1 skill's , come here and get some headshot's. You want to grill in those cold day's , okay come to server and try mighty flamethrower Something is missing , "kein problem" make sure to contact our member's and add your suggestion what to play on next map! Everyone is welcome , have some fun and enjoy it!
  2. Bags ready, time to go🇩🇪➡️🇧🇦

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    2. Hitch


      Say hello to bad ping.


      Welcome 😄 

    3. Syroox


      Hope you will come back to good Bavaria :) 

    4. Night Train

      Night Train

      Thank you all, see you with Bosnian flag. 

      @Syroox back in January, maybe even February, so see ya there. 💕

      Chuu love's you all😊

  3. I really cant get no sleep after watcin' this...
  4. Happy Birthday Pigyy, wish you all the best
  5. Another @Ins4ne hmm jk. Siema and Hellou, welcome to forum's, stick around
  6. Night Train

    ET Jay #1 2020 Christmas Maps

    It is still early at the moment, the month of December has not yet come, but very soon the days go by. We have a lot of plans around that topic, so be patient. Best of all, you can expect a final decision around December 10-15. Also expect a pair of Gameday this month, lot of fun is excpecting us ... Cheers. Chuu
  7. revy GIF

    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Awww, sexyy, hold your fireeeee! 

      Cant post gif's ffs😂 Incoming

  8. Just to say i miss u too👊

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