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  1. @Vice86 VID_82871020_211202_562.mp4
  2. As always, you don't need to post that, we already know that
  3. from me too for DJ, made my morning's better, all day's in week
  4. Point is Beg2 server, and changing the similar KR options to Beg2 server from Silent1
  5. +1 from me, btw idk how it will be working for keeping our regulars on server's, cuz thats i can say our second golden rule make it better, get it more. For this i can see it's point on the Beg2server so i want to ask @K3rmit what do you think
  6. Heeey Mooe, welcome to the forums, finally someone who loves aviation and want to be a pilot, great to hear. Wish you a nice stay here, lot of topics we have here, maybe you will point to something more. Enjoy
  7. Ooh goosh maate... I am very sorry for the loss, I sympathize with you because I know what it is like to lose someone especially if it is about the dearest pets who have always been with you and have feelings just like us. I don't know what to tell you anymore, believe me, he will always be remembered no matter what you do. We will always remember Shane ... Love you buddy, keep head's up, anything needed, support, talk, make sure to contact me.
  8. Welcome to the club mate, have a drink Shhh those sister always playing with ppsh that's why we are easykill target's....
  9. Keep head's up mate, real life first then other thing's, wish you good luck and your wife fast recovery.
  10. You alive mate all good there👋😁

    1. Novacane


      Do'h said homero, yes bro, everything is fine and how are you? I fully work in the office

    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      Good mate, great to hear that, GL with work👌👋, I'm fine, standing now in Germany for 3 month's, visiting fam's and test work in firm. 

    3. Novacane


      I am very glad that you are well and very successful  :D 

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