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  1. To our fellow friend and member @Cracker, can we wish all Happy Birthday to hiim. Here I goo first, wish youu all the best in life and well spended time on this day. Wish more party's and late night talks on Discord❤
  2. Well , the most beautiful month is ending tonight in our Religion(Islam) and it came time for our holiday , Eid .

    I wish to everyone around the globe , also in this community a Happy Eid , Eid Mubarak my fellow friend's and colleges. 

    Have a good and great day and well spended time with your friend's , family and besties tomorrow. ❤️ 

    God bless us and bring in our house and in this world more peace and love , not war and hate... ❤️


    1. mehmet


      Selamun Aleykum my BROTHER.

      I call your prayer amin ! 

      Of course, there is the joy of the holiday, but for some reasons, most things get knotted in our throats!

      The world to remain silent to the persecution as usual ..

      Staying silent to persecution is the same as partnering with persecution. 

      I hope everything will be in peace and well-being in due course!

      I wish all my brothers and sisters to have peaceful, healthy and auspicious holidays in my ALLAH. 


    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      We Alejkumu Selam brother, thanks for kind word's, hope it will be all good at the end, btw the end is far far away from us, no one know when it will be but let's hope for better tomorrow , many things will escalate from minute to minute, but we need that smile even when our hands are behind our body and to fear nothing except Allah.. May Allah bless us with peace and great time. 😊

    3. GHARIB


      Eid mubarak my dear friend.

      I hope all the best for you and your family !


    1. Night Train

      Night Train


  4. Happy B-Day Odee , wish you the best
  5. Thank you my friend's , same to you and your family , same to all Muslim people all over the place and globe. Wish you a peacefull and joyfull time in this great month! Happy Ramadan. Wishing a blessed Ramadan that will inspire you with courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge of life!
  6. Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim people in this beautiful community . May Allah be with you , wish you a peacefull and joyfull time!


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    2. Meehan


      Happy Ramadan kareem :) 

    3. Night Train

      Night Train

      I know, my friend, one great temptation, but with God's help, everything endures, btw thank's ❤️


    4. Mr.Karizmatic


      Happy ramdan everyone

  7. Happy bday guys, enjoy the day
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