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  1. In love with ethno deep music .... just relax
  2. I got my therapy , I feel better for now , relaxed 😊

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    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      If ya dont know ive posted a statzs in Vacation, fall in bad crisis, i take strong pills and some injections with mix of pills 


    3. Nancy


      Brzi popravak zelim

    4. Night Train

      Night Train

      Hvalaa drug😊

  3. Heey matee, welcome to forums
  4. Welcome bud to our forums Stick around and see ya on servers
  5. Hooowdy Welcome mate to FA, been playing with you few times on HC, very frendly and communicative player.
  6. Happy New Year and Sretna Nova Godina, wish you the best in 2020
  7. We are now  on Instagram as @fearlessassassins.com.world.https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1k65ct8ebr67k&utm_content=cdlafxn

    And on Twitter (@com_fearless): https://twitter.com/com_fearless?s=09


  8. Hello everyone, on the suggestion that we represent the clan, I have voluntarily initiated this so that we can achieve better success, reach as many people as possible. It's that W: ET is an old game, but our servers show that people play it. By suggesting El to me, I started to represent the clan on facebook groups and pages. I voluntarily started a Twitter account, an Instagram account, I am also launching a Reddit account soon. Pages have just been started, so no announcements yet. I post via Facebook through my personal profile. Check out Fearless Assassins.com (@com_fearless): https://twitter.com/com_fearless?s=09 https://www.instagram.com/fearlessassassins.com.world/?hl=hr And my profile of FBhttps://m.facebook.com/tarik.telalovic?ref=bookmarks I will promote our community, games, servers, videos of our Youtube streamers etc etc. Thanks for reading. I wish us much success
  9. Fuuulll Merry Xmas and giving @Ins4ne star hheheh
  10. @Nancy jesi izašao glasatiii 🤣🇭🇷, i kome si dao glas 🤣, Merry Xmas..


    1. Nancy


      Za ovog lika koji ima 0% :))xddd

    2. Nancy
  11. Willkommen in der Familie, hallo aus Prien/Bayern

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