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  1. Thank you my friend's , same to you and your family , same to all Muslim people all over the place and globe. Wish you a peacefull and joyfull time in this great month! Happy Ramadan. Wishing a blessed Ramadan that will inspire you with courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge of life!
  2. Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim people in this beautiful community . May Allah be with you , wish you a peacefull and joyfull time!


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    2. Meehan


      Happy Ramadan kareem :) 

    3. Night Train

      Night Train

      I know, my friend, one great temptation, but with God's help, everything endures, btw thank's ❤️


    4. Mr.Karizmatic


      Happy ramdan everyone

  3. Yup it is! Also today... Now 6 cm already, snowing all day from morning till now..
  4. One question only to close my mouth and watch this world burnin. When you come to Italy would you ever order pizza with ketchup? Ha? No, cuz you will see your flightback to your country in 5 min! When you order a pizza with ketchup, every hour one cheff in Italy blow's his helper in piece's.
  5. Nemila, Zenica BiH ( Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) rain/snow together!
  6. Welcome mate, can we count more on people from eastern Balkan to joinnnn here!
  7. I don't know who invented it, but in my country it would be a little stupid. I have been working in the kitchen for 3 years, I am the chef at the moment, writed 4-5 menus and was at the opening of a hotel and nowhere as far as our dishes and specialties are concerned you didnt and cant find it mixing salty and sweet. In my country and culinary rules, every kitchen should have a team for salty dishes and a sweet part that includes both fruit and cakes, and pizza master, so that everyone has their part in the kitchen to prepare and throw out dishes, no one mixes in between because concentra
  8. Who said pineapple pizza? Ha? Damn your bloody idiotic sandwiches
  9. he said nooooooooo , nothing to add more shhhh we are cheff's not idiot sandwich
  10. Wtf guys hahhaha, mixing fruit with salty food, even they mixing sweetnes with salty food, wtf...
  11. And what can we say about those mofo's, i mean me and you as cheff's? @XeRoiX As Ramsey said Frikkin hell noo your dumb little a**
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