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  1. Heey Agustina, welcome to FA, have a great time, have fun and stick around. If you have some questiom feel free to send me PM
  2. I'm working matee, dont be like that In these situation with Corona, you will made me sad and i will get bad flu
  3. Got my licence back after subtraction for 15 days, im back on the roads
  4. Country-Specific Information: As of March 12, 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has eleven confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. Entry and Exit Requirements: On March 11, the BiH Ministry of Security implemented travel restrictions: a temporary ban on entry to BiH for foreign travelers coming from China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran. all travelers coming from Germany, Spain, and France will now have to self-isolate for 14-day periods Lufthansa has plans to begin cancelling flights to/from Sarajevo. Quarantine Information: All travelers coming from Germany, Spain, and France will be placed in self-isolation. During this time, they check in daily with an epidemiologist. If travelers present symptoms, they are sent to a designated hospital for thorough testing and treatment. Link from U.S embassy. More info: School's are closed. Bar's and coffe shops are closing. Shopping malls are running full steam, people are scared, shopping wholesale.
  5. To all Womens, Girls, beauty's happy 8.March, wish you a lot of respect and the best of the world💕❤️🌹

  6. Hey. Sorry for ban you yesterday. it was a missunderstood. i sended you friendship on steam.
    Sorry :hug:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CheepHeep


      The guy you banned is @Traindestroyer not @Night Train. :D:D 

    3. Night Train

      Night Train

      Hehhehehe i was like whaaaaat, i was not active that day on any servers, why, but we sent each PM, soo no worry about that

    4. ViP3r*


      i know i know CheepHeep ^^ 

  7. Night Train

    Dards / *darTs

    1x20 1x18 2x15 1x1x 17, double17 1x19 1x quadro 19 2x triplekill 16 1x hard center 50
  8. Thanks Canada, and tnx others 😍❤️🇧🇦



  9. Happy birthday
  10. Happy Birthday matee
  11. Broken, broken, broken, from year to year, low pay, no job, politican are looking to start new war idk what kind of... People are going to west, middle Europe for better life. 

    If you want to come to Balkan hell no, pls no. Get your summer vacation in Malta, Turkey, Italy somewhere else but dont come to Balkans hell no..... 

    1. Nancy


      :( I know what you feels. Same shitty situation here, old people are searching for empty plastic  bottles to return it Lidl..

    2. ViP3r*


      I can understand you. I am from germany but we have also many problems here. the old people has to look for bottles in trash to get some money. only one things that are going really wrong here.
      the world  is on a bad point right now. maybe ww3 is coming. who knows...(i hope ww2 was the last war on earth) hope to god that the world is going to live in peace and harmony someday. 🌍+🌎+🌏=☮️

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