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  1. This guy is honest and always helps to keep teams even and everyone fair HUGE PLUS 1 +1
  2. Congrats to =F|A=Gengis on your 1,000.000 xp points i had to share with the FAmily 2020-01-30-220312-supply.dm_84
  3. Been playing with Scott on HC for awhile awesum dude im glad your here
  4. I agree we should have a few funny v says on Hardcore i always enjoy when !love is played it adds a little extra to the game
  5. Wow this video is awesum i already watched it 2 times
  6. I noticed this same thing happen to me when i my aim gets knocked off i wrote it off to headshots (im really not to sure)
  7. Smoothie made in the vitamix (coconuts bannana and 1 date) yumm
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