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  1. Hello, after stumbling through my emails I recently discovered I did in fact have a past account. I forgot about it completely through my ~2 year hiatus due to school situations/computer problems, etc. Looking back on the account I was extremely immature, rash, and disrespectful. I have since matured and have been enjoying my time back on ET and would rather my past not come back to haunt me. If it's possible for somebody to do that, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. I started playing F|A in 2011 and have on and off since then. Although I have been playing W:ET since about 2005.
  3. Hello guys! I'm not usually creative with posts so I'm going to do my best. My name is Levi, IGN Ghost - I am 22 and am from the United States, although I plan on moving to Japan within the next 5 years. I have been playing on and off Jay1 for several years now due to various problems (i.e. computer breaking, school, etc.) but have just recently created my account for this community. I've enjoyed the community thus far and I always come back whenever I can - I have been playing W:ET since I used to sit in my dad's lap when I was 4 and I've always been hooked on it I enjoy talking in server - and I want to be active in the community more. I'm currently in my undergraduate school for Psychology, and plan to go for my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology My other academic interests involve Sociology and East Asian Studies My other game interests involve League of Legends - Which I have over 1.5k hours in, as well as Runescape, where I'm nearing my 1000th hour. Thank you all for reading my post and I hope to post more soon!
  4. Then why does the server say "xp save forever"?
  5. I haven't logged in a few months and my xp got erased, is there any way to recover it?
  6. My dad had once told me a story that a few years back, he was sitting in his backyard by a fire with his friends, and he said that he had seen a huge triangular object go above them. I checked with all of the people he was with and they told me the same story. o.o
  7. You should add baserace, I feel like a lot of people would like that.
  8. xpswarrior

    Favorite Rappers?

    Eminem is my only favorite rapper.
  9. I prefer the thompson just because of its noise.

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