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  1. Friend of mine that I have known for a while text me an d tells me that the dude she has been dating for the last five years tells her that he wants to settle down with her, have a family and spend the rest of his life with here. But first he wants to get his wild oats out of his system over the next year or so. He expects her to wait for him whle staying faithful to him, while he does what he wants until he feels he "has it out of his system". Anyone wanna ride with me? And Is anyone here a bail bondsman?
  2. I bought a new computer and Im going to install ET on it. But how do I keep my XP and everything? im assuming that I just save the ET folder and replace the new opne on the new PC.
  3. That just made me blow snot bubbles.
  4. I have been a bit inactive this week and last week. 3 weeks ago my wife started feeling some pain in her abdominal area, to make a long story short, we found that she had a tumor on her Uterus. We had surgery done this past Tuesday and had it removed (by it I mean the whole Uterus) and everything looks fine. We are just going through the recovery process of the surgery. I will be back either a little later this week or the beginning of next. I hate to be in a position where I am looking for membership but not active but do to the circumstances I hope you guys understand! in the mean time
  5. U just can't date then.. Lol...ever
  6. I cant date you....i mean i just cant. Its not you..its me.
  7. Game I started on an old old forum I used to be on. Explain why you cant date a person begiinning with "i cant date you if" Ex. I cant date you if your a grandma beater. Ill go First: I can't date you if your grandmother is the same age I am.
  8. So, I grew up in a very small area in Florida. Lots of Woods and farms. There was a place not to far from my home that everyone called Hell's Half Acre. Some friends of mine and I decided we were going to debunk all the myths and theories of this place so we took a trip to it. So we get to this place and had to drive down a very long driveway that ended up flowing into a clearing. No, this long road we drove down was probably half a mile or so, but when we get to the clearing we got out to just look around. Upon looking around we found multiple sites with animal bones and what appeared t
  9. Is there anyone here that knows anything about R programming? I need massive help with this class.
  10. Holy crap this made me laugh
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