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  1. Small 10$ dono Thank you to FA for keeping such a fun server up ID: 2LR64039EH571594S
  2. Attack On Titan/Psycho Pass/claymore, not sure which one
  3. You could use FOV switchers for long/close range? I remember using one but I could never get used to it.
  4. The thing with FOV is, if it's too low u need to increase ur sensitivity, too high you need to lower your sensitivity, that's why most people use 100-112.
  5. whoamI


    doesn't matter if it's 0 or 1
  6. whoamI


    Thanks for the suggestion, didn't help unfortunately
  7. Welcome to the forums buddy I suggest the problem is ETLegacy, but im no ETLegacy expert, but im pretty sure this problem would be solved by playing on 2.60b ^^
  8. missing coffin :(

  9. 11$ added 1RR6183507675880L i think this is correct ID?
  10. My simple opinion on this is that sure, it might look better than ET, but I feel like it will be worse than ET. Unless they just use have everything same as ET. But even then I have my doubts. Personally, I'd stick with ET, more fun, get nostalgia every now and then, can't see myself transitioning into a newer ET.
  11. what a baller

  12. whoamI


    Hello, so I come to you with a problem. Basically, im trying out some video settings, but R_overbrightbits, in my config it's set to 3, but in the server it won't change anything. It will stay at 1, it says latched 3, i vid_Restart andit's 1.00000000 again. Was wondering if anyone could help me out with this? Thanks alot in advance.
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