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  1. Yes, the DLC is to prevetend, that the community doesnt die. I can see a few hundred ppl. But all fans are happy. - New Story and Missions - LVL up from 70 to 75 - New Species - 2 new planets - new raids And the last update (July) gives more rights for f2p-players: - credit-limit up - more fast travel --> short distances - more slots Still like it.
  2. Donate and Silver VIP Lets play on this great servers with great ppl. 1R338573YW0182828
  3. Someone do yoga and/or meditation? I do it about 5 years, i also made a hatha yoga instructor education for 2 years. Now i teach it on adult education centre. Its nice to be healthy and balanced. Whats your experience with yoga or meditation?
  4. Seat Alhambra is my favorite for my familiy. Currently we drive the smaller one, Seat - Altea XL Copa Down-to-earth. Guys.
  5. My first online game in the year 2000: Star Craft + Broodwar, about 8 years member of Clan of Dragon
  6. I learned on a BMW 800 GS. Then i drove a Kawasaki Versys 1000. My next bike shall be a Triumph Tiger XR.
  7. I love the old ones 4-6, the newer ones 1-3 and even 7-9 (9 would be great too). Cant understand all the haters. Yes, we can see the disney factor in the current movies, but i can feel the star wars spirit in all movies. Yes, Solo and Episode 1 failed, but i liked them too.
  8. Thx for sharing. I didnt know that. All within...Riker, Troi, Data and also 7of9. Jeri Ryan still looks great...with 51 years. So nice, iam very excited!
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198847031882
  10. The old republic put out a new DLC, named Onslaught in September https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190413 Reactivate the War between Jedi and Sith. Who wants to play togehter?
  11. Iam very excited. Ive played many SW Games, currently, the old repubilc. Its about time to release a new single player sw game

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