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  1. It's not like ram runs out So I don't really mind if it's overkill Happened to google it and found when I noticed that objectives gave that lagspikes.
  2. It was that default one, I don't remember what it was. Way less than 160 anyway. I use now 256 and haven't noticed any lagspike yet. Hopefully that fixed the problem
  3. In "Password" -map. I got lag spike when that hand pierced that thing so you can get endoarm and also when I got "2 minutes remaining, soldier" announcement. O.O
  4. Looks like that I get lag spikes from some sort of objectives For example, in those pictures, everytime I get lagspike, command post is either destroyed or constructed. Noticed today that it happened too when others destroyed tank or truck, lag spike. Dyno destroyed some objective, lag spike.
  5. Here's lagometer screenshots after lagspikes (4 in 10 minutes) and both 100 packets and 10minutes interval (MTP and PingPlotter). Lagometers MTP PingPlotter
  6. Just at random times or with some specific interval? I could pick lagometer right after lagspike with shadowplay as well.
  7. I'm getting some weird lagspikes when I play (no matter on which server). I get lagspikes every 30s-few minutes. I wonder if there's some connection problems.. Here's MTP result I don't remember if I had any lagspike issues when I played years ago on other clan's servers. Ever since I tried again (Both ET and ETL), I've got these weird lagspikes.
  8. If I managed to write enough code into this program, you should be able to assign /vsay commands and voice menu positions for each .wav as well as make voice menu tabs. Including every command you want to perform when clicking some quick voice menu object Do note that it requires some time. Point is to make things easier
  9. That's totally possible but if it's is some way hidden, is /vsay command for it required then? Im not sure but I would guess that like !beer doesn't require /vsay beer command. I can be wrong in this one. Anyway, started to write program which shows things from files and something else (mainly .wav sound file related things). While programming I already found 2 dublicate /vsay commands for jaymod sounds (other one of those two might have been in NQ though). "speech20" and "hecken", both was two times. .wav is used but can't be called as first from those dublicate commands can be only called. Eg. I there's 2 "hecken", "hecken" that plays 1.wav and other one that plays 2.wav. If those are 2 separated commands, only first one will be played at any given time. Of course one solution would be that both .wav files are under same command or then rename second command.
  10. Yes, wasting space until someone gives them their /vsay commands
  11. @DoubleDragon Well, I'm not using excel with scripts to make these things. I... already know most of those things. Excel table is for seeing which .wav files does have /vsay command and voice menu place for them. As you can see, almost half of the sounds in "chons" folder is unused. Also one of those used .wav files (nani) isn't in voice menu. This means that it can only be used via /vsay. I understand what you were confused about my doings but hopefully this clarifies it
  12. Well, all this time I have meant like /vsay laugh (sort of command ^_^)
  13. Well, I could combine jaymod/nq soundpacks (easier to modify them later) and make combined excel table for it. And also of course give for each .wav file their own vsay commands
  14. You have your own which is more than a year old, does it show which .wav can be used and which cannot? Just curious because of those numbers

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