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  1. こんいちわネコミミさん and welcome
  2. Kiba, it's pretty common that it takes forever to connect in Rust. My bro has decent pc, yet it takes quite a long time to connect. Once you are in, you are good to go and no more long waitings (unless you want to wait night :P)
  3. I'm just regular nobody who doesn't know anything from anything. I know something about Rust but playing alone is kinda boring. Looking forward for playing with someone.
  4. As we, here in Finland, congratulates everyone who have travelled yet another time around the sun, I'll congratulate you with following words: Paljon onnea, Scarface
  5. At least soundmegs looks good to me but since it's working laglessly, it's good enough for me
  6. Well, good to hear that Since you deleted your old config (as far as I understood it), I'd recommend you to increase that com_soundmegs from that default 24 anyway.
  7. I believe you might have same lag as I had, sound lag. Just simply increase your soundmegs. You have currently 24megs which isn't even nearly enough. I use com_soundmegs "160" myself. All of my lags just disappeared when I increased soundmegs.
  8. Well, I do know that there's ETJump but I meant if there was =FA= and IT had that given mod About the map, it's not really beginner, to be honest I'm pretty sure that I can't finish those tracks I've made . It's also named so absurdly (gamma.pk3). Just tried that map, gammas, too hard for me. Originals... Couldn't pass without noclip x)
  9. Just making it clear, air strafing doesn't require WA or WD, you can do it with any combination. It works even if you just use one (eg. W or S). It's just harder to control but possible. I believe it's just basic physics why you accelerate while turning. If you drive with a car and you turn your wheels, your speed actually accelerates. Total speed in this case. To be honest, if there was =FA= Trickjump -server, I would spend there quite a lot of time assuming there's trickjump mod . About jumping, you don't have to press jump button in right moment, you can pre-hold it actually (not too long though). In most jumps the start is the hardest one, at least for me what I have noticed. Side note, I have made one tj map (which isn't complete though). It's pretty bad but I have map anyway! It's bad because I'm not that good trickjumper myself.
  10. Pal, ever heard about http://www.typingmaster.com/ before? I believe I used same program at school . Also it helped me
  11. M1 Garand /w scope all the way, after that? Silenced akimbo colts.

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