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  1. I start work in call center all hate me now 😛

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. razjee


      Good luck brooo

    3. karopl


      call me baby 
      😛 maybe You will be more talkactive than @GwS BadBoy :)

    4. GwS BadBoy

      GwS BadBoy

      Haha fuu, 😂😂 btw its "talkative," not "talkactive" 😛😛 @karopl

  2. quarantine :(

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    2. Vindstot


      Because of precaution, or because you have the virus if I can ask?

      I got the news today that a person I know knows someone who is + on the test. I havent met either of them in a while luckily

    3. FixFox


      Of course you can ask my mother has a virus and I live with her so I'm quarantined :(

    4. Vindstot


      Im sorry. I hope everything will be alright

  3. hi 7kids nice bro btw i am sill kid
  4. FixFox

    ET Jay #1 Gravitation

    Hi, I have a question and I am looking for help if your opinion is normal gravity my sentence either I did not feel something wrong or I feel like I can judge it myself adds demo 2020-05-23-001812-bba0-beta2.dm_84
  5. Hi everyone, I refer to a few threads. Of course, please note that this is just my opinion 1.Americans win e.g. 150 killa I am in allies and I have 15/20 and 2 players in allies have 50 kill or more and in axis there is no player over 50 kill, in my opinion it is better to transfer one player who has 50kill to axis than me I have to go to axis because it will change a little. 2.Another thing people who scream about the balance of the team and not even check / scores. Which is ridiculous that you write to them to calm down and check the result and see that, for example, they have 2
  6. FixFox

    ET Jay #1 3 Maps Panzer rule

    I agree on the assumptions. Issues 1.what if there is no admin on the server 2.how to decide who to give if there are a few willing poor nustran and romash
  7. FixFox

    Website Coronavirus Updates

    Infected 1286 16 die in poland 27.03.2020
  8. FixFox

    Website Coronavirus Updates

  9. I passed to the next class :)

    1. Kai


      Congratulations !!

    2. Hulk


      nice grats!!

  10. FixFox

    League of Legends Summoner Name

    FixFox97 EuW
  11. FixFox

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I understand, yes this is I like this map but not everyone must like it here I agree. Question for the first time suggests map are there any guidelines? which maps can be proposed and which are not. And when it comes to maps which people do not like and are on the server, soon I will do a bit and report :).
  12. FixFox

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

  13. Hi everyone on the occasion of the upcoming holidays I would like to finally invest in what a decent mouse to play. Some tips for the mouse if someone could advise me how the best mouse will be to play in ET. It does not have to be suitable for other things the most skillful to play well in ET (I know, you can't buy a skill, but I feel that you have to limit your equipment because I played with a friend on decent equipment, my statistics are improved by about 20%) My budget is about $ 70, can I buy something for this price or do I need to pay?
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