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  1. Infected 1286 16 die in poland 27.03.2020
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/18/japanese-flu-drug-clearly-effective-in-treating-coronavirus-says-china
  3. I passed to the next class :)

    1. Kai


      Congratulations !!

    2. Hulk


      nice grats!!

  4. I understand, yes this is I like this map but not everyone must like it here I agree. Question for the first time suggests map are there any guidelines? which maps can be proposed and which are not. And when it comes to maps which people do not like and are on the server, soon I will do a bit and report :).
  5. Hi everyone on the occasion of the upcoming holidays I would like to finally invest in what a decent mouse to play. Some tips for the mouse if someone could advise me how the best mouse will be to play in ET. It does not have to be suitable for other things the most skillful to play well in ET (I know, you can't buy a skill, but I feel that you have to limit your equipment because I played with a friend on decent equipment, my statistics are improved by about 20%) My budget is about $ 70, can I buy something for this price or do I need to pay?
  6. @CabaL /bind mouse2 "+attack2" comenda worked very thank you all for help
  7. I know what you mean and I do it again and again I tried to do it but it is a mistake. When it happened to me on another computer, so it is the fault of the set just does not brew what the click will do and I still can not set it. I know that it sounds like I wouldn't be able to set the key but that's not how the other keys are replaced without a problem but if you get stuck like clicking the left button it starts flashing red but if the right button is clicked it is still me that the system would think I do not want to set the button I just want to undo actions.
  8. I am sking for help,i dont know what to do if someon knows please answer.When it comes to answers,click twice,i have alredy tried nothing and evrythinh else that occurred to me.its about setting switch to alternate.
  9. FixFox


    Hello and cześć.
  10. Hi my name is mateusz and just started to play on your servers and visit the forum. I am still a little lost, I have to read the rules and learn about everything. Btw would like to submit applications to the clan if anyone could help me, I would be grateful: P.

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