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  1. Rashomon, I really appreciate the fact that you replied to my comments with serious arguments and without resorting to insults or trying to make fun of those who express their doubts. That would definitively be a sign of guilt. I have seen that reaction numerous times and in most cases sooner or (usually) later those guys were exposed. I even recently found out that an old "friend" was caught cheating in FA servers. I had seen him cheating (more or less at the same time he was caught here) in another server but everyone believed him cause they thought he was just a very good player. I even had a video of him but never bothered to post it cause I knew admins in that server would never dare to say he was cheating. I have in mind a couple more cases (one of them was also caught cheating in FA servers) who were considered pro players and they were swearing that they never cheat. Anyway, you may not know my in-game name but trust my word that I do respect you. I still have my doubts but I can understand how a dedicated player can become much better. That's how I see this game too. Time is the final judge. Regards
  2. Guys, I know the procedure. What I just said is that the demo Rashomon posted doesn't show a good player in action (I am not saying he is not a good player) . If he didn't say it was him I would have thought it was some random player in the server. Noone would ever think to complain about possible use of script regarding this video. I wouldn't expect such a low performance after 1 week break from a player of his level. Simple as that. I haven't seen many players being banned for using sniper scripts those last years, mainly because players from northern Europe (mostly Fins) use it extensively and have made it mainstream. You are asking anyone complaining to take a demo and post it. Well, think for a moment. What will you do with that? What are you going to look for in it? Since you can't see him live, I mean what he does with his hands, any player can support that he is so good that he can compensate recoil with a counter move of the mouse. Ok .... try to do that in action. This is the same type of argument used by players having 60+ accuracy in a full server with increased lag and shots from everywhere. Sure ...It can happen...but not by humans (at least this is my opinion). Furthermore, as I wrote, I noticed him executing an "fa" file. Did you examine this file too? I am also sure there are ways to execute files with a press of a key without being noticed. Also the fact that mods have some commands disabled hadn't prevented hacks to be used in the past. I am not saying Rashomon is cheating. I have some serious doubts though about using sniper script or a program having a similar effect. If you are so confident about your anti-cheat security then it's good for all of us. I wish everyone would play this game in equal terms so we could know for sure who is good and who is faking. Since this is impossible for various reasons, we can only count on server administrators to do their best to ensure fair game. Can't say anything else cause I am sure this is not going to lead anywhere. You are right to ask for hard proofs but these days you can't find them easily especially when we are talking about an old generation game with serious vulnerabilities and no support from creators.
  3. Man, I don't understand why you chose to post this video. You played for 7 mins and you killed 8 allies (one with satchel at 4.37). Anyone could have done that in 7 mins. The game play was dizzy and someone could tell that you killed most allies by just being lucky. I have watched the way you play as covert in games and it's nothing like this. In real games your rifle has almost no recoil while in this demo you can't follow the action without getting dizzy. I would like to see a real game where your aim is steady as rock and then see if there is something running or any script applied. Btw if we can't see the configuration you run before you start the game then I believe there is no point posting videos, cause someone may believe that script is already applied. I really think however that this kind of demos can be deceiving since the author can easily cut some part before the game starts. The only way to test if someone is really skilled is to have him play in a fixed pc with the choice of having his own mouse and keyboard used (with previous examination of macros and scripts applied). Since this is almost impossible to happen, making demos can't really prove anything. Just let me add two more points: a) At start (1.11 of video) you execute "fa". What is this? This could have contained any script or illegal program. A suspicious viewer would have already rejected this video by just noticing this. b) At 4.47 of the video you seem to fire a shot while no allies appear. A suspicious viewer could have taken that as a sign of wall hack. That's why I am saying that I really don't understand why you would wanted to post this video. Don't take me wrong. I am not saying that you surely use scripts, but I have serious doubts. That's why forums are for though. To discuss things without of course insulting other people. The problem is that I can't get that no-recoil effect when I play with covert. Many other players can't. Covert's K43 was meant to have this disadvantage since it would have been too overpowered if one could shoot with it without recoil. If a player can alter this he can gain important advantage. This is after all why rule number 13 of this server says : " Scripts that alter gameplay to give the user a distinct advantage over other players are prohibited. These scripts, for example, may include anti-recoil scripts and mortar scripts. Players using these will be handled as common offenders (!warn, !kick, !ban) and not as hacking offenders (immediate permanent ban).". Just my 2 cents, without any offense.

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