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  1. @HeadhunterZ Yeah, I've been listening to trance/psy trance lately while looking for new jobs and it's been great for keeping me going. Need a change from what I'm doing now.
  2. @LazyHippo Daws of Perception, The Time has come, and Artcore were my favorites of that bunch. @HeadhunterZ Really liked The Prayer.
  3. @LazyHippo That Mindbenders track is great
  4. madmike

    Weekend Plans?

    Figured I'd get that response . The pike pics are on my cousin's phone. I'll get them from him.
  5. madmike

    Weekend Plans?

    Caught some big pike (~40 incher) and bass (19.5") on a trip to see family this past week:
  6. So glad I found this thread. I've been looking for some good trance that isn't that poppy bs that many Americans call trance, now.
  7. I hit the limiter (155mph/~250 kph) in my e39 M5 about 10 years ago. Haven't had a chance to stretch out the F10 M5 yet.
  8. The current supercar I would buy is the Mclaren 720s for sure. Crazy fast, comfortable, and looks amazing. Here's a pic I took of one while being tuned at a shop in LA (the flames are real): That doesn't include hypercars, like the LaFerrari, any Koenigsegg, Pagani, etc. Current hypercar of choice is a Koenigsegg one:1 or the new Jesko that is coming out in a few years.
  9. Some nice cars in this thread! I'm a huge car and BMW guy. I've had about 8 cars in the last 14 years, almost half of those were BMWs (e36 325i, e39 M5, and now an F10 M5). My M5 is an BMW Individual car. The exterior is Amazonite Silver Metallic (really unique silver that has yellow and green hues, depending on the sunlight) and the interior is dark brown leather with lighter wood (forgot the exact names). The car sits as I bought it. It's a bit more aggressive than I would have modded, so I'm in the process of bringing it back to a more classy look. Video - Small revs to 2 and 4k
  10. madmike

    NHL 2018-2019

    Reviving an old thread, but GO STARS! This coming season should be pretty good for us. Our playoff run this past year was pretty amazing, especially for having a new coach. It's going to be interesting seeing what we can do with the addition of Captain America (Pavelski) and Corey Perry (f*** that guy until now lol). Can't wait for the season to start. Sidebar, I'm a huge hockey fan and played my whole life. I watch every stars game during the year that I can and almost every playoff game. Summer sucks without hockey!
  11. Tupps DDH Series 11. Their DDH series beers are the best I've ever had.
  12. Found the thread I was talking about yesterday. There were some good links in the comments for choosing a vpn: Infographic that shows parent companies of VPN companies and where they are based - LINK Thatoneprivacysite.net - Great resource for learning how to choose the right VPN for you, comparisons, reviews, and other blog posts/articles regarding VPNs. - LINK List of VPNs who are outside the US, use encryption, accept Bitcoin, support OpenVPN, and have no logging policy - LINK
  13. I really like playing with COLDFUSION on silent1 and hardcore. He's probably the best medic I've ever played with and makes getting the objs a ton easier.
  14. I use ProtonVPN for when I need one. Saw a good thread on reddit yesterday. I'll try to find and post it.
  15. What's up guys? In my main days of playing ET, I played on ]ES[ servers and eventually became an admin. Anyone from there under the name you used or a new one? Would be cool to reconnect with some of the old guys. All the best, madm!ke

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