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  1. Forgot to post, but I designed and 3D printed a couple mounting solutions for my M5. Trunk Grocery Bag Hooks I noticed my friend's 5 series had grocery bag hooks in his trunk, but for some reason, mine did not. I designed the hooks to go directly into the stock mounting location, and this was the result. More images can be found here. Glove Box Mount for a Flashlight, Tire Pressure Gauge, and Pen I wanted a better place than just throwing those things in my glove box, so I designed a mount that fit's into an unused hole that was plugged. More images can be found here. I'm extremely happy with the results. Lately I've been spending a ton of time on 3D CAD and printing and it has definitely taken away from ET time. Designing and printing my own parts and objects has been super rewarding. It's an awesome feeling when you design something yourself and have the tangible version in your hand shortly after.
  2. Nice! This is the second engine in my car, so it's stock lol. It did put down 550whp and about the same torque, though.
  3. Oh, I'd love to see transmitter in the rotation at S1. Played it on J1 last week and was a ton of fun. Hadn't played that map in years.
  4. Bummer lol. Yeah, our old server was NQ. I wasn't aware of how the mods handled sound files.
  5. Thanks man! Really appreciate it.
  6. @daredevil A couple requests: Can we set a min player limit on Glider (maybe less of a limit than Temple, bc we rarely ever see temple on the vote list)? It's a great map, but it's getting voted for all the time, and many times when there aren't very many people on. Placing a min player limit will help preserve the freshness of the map and be more fun with more people. Xposed is such a bland map with only having to move the tank across the map. My vote is to ax it.
  7. I love music and listen to a lot of different genres. Mainly, I listen to electronic (deep house, house, trance, psytrance, chill, and a bit of D&B) , classic rock, and indie rock. I also enjoy older rap/hip hop, Texas country or older country, and some mainstream artists from time to time. The music genres I don't like are new shit rap (mumble/autotune/etc), poppy (radio) country, what older great trance artists now call trance (poppy bs), dubstep (absolute shit noise), screamo/emo, most metal/heavy, and most top 50 stuff.
  8. My car was part of a photoshoot for a DJ last week. Not a ton of photos of just my car, but here's one:
  9. Hey guys, I posted this here bc the ET Sounds section hasn't had a post in forever. I propose to change the DoA sound on our servers to the Super Mario Goomba stomp sound. Here's a clip: We had this on my old clan and it almost acted as a reminder that you can goomba people. So little people actively try to goomba now that it feels like a lost art lol. More goombas! All in favor, comment I!
  10. Nice! I'm definitely not a scratch golfer yet, but hope to get there! I still haven't hit a hole in one. 2 is amazing! My Uncle just told me he has a couple Scotty's he doesn't use and said I could have one. Can't wait to get it! Yeah, I really like TaylorMade clubs. I'll probably end up with M3s or M5s when I finally buy a new set.
  11. Hey guys, I designed and printed my own ball mark! It's the first 3D CAD model I've made from scratch since getting my Ender3. Going through a couple iterations and getting to the final product was really gratifying, even if it's a bit simple. Here it is: If any of you are golfers and want a couple personalized ball marks for yourself, let me know! Some =F|A= marks would be pretty cool. I'd be happy to print them if you throw in for shipping. =F|A= Golfers, post your setups in my Golf Thread in the Sports Section! Post up your favorite prints if you have a 3D printer!

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