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  1. I am sorry I have not Ben on I Ben Takeing care of my family and I got a new job and I Ben working so hard I forgot to talk to you guys I am sorry guys
  2. I am trying my best to try get on more ofine but its kada hard to do when you are Takeing care of your bbg and everything else I am trying guys and I try so hard to be on so of oftin you know its like one this hits you and ather thing and I am trying to get on and this job kicking my but to they changed my hours and days like no tomorrow its crazy man I am sorry for everything I did to you guys I feel like fulere to you guys I know I should be on more offfifin and everything else sorry guys I am telling you guys how I feel right now
  3. Someone said about the clan tag and they have to vote me in something like that I don't remember cuz I Ben doing stuff rl so I don't remember what they said about that
  4. I mean my reputation someone said oce I hit 11 reputation I get something in my name or something like that
  5. So what dose that mean I have 14 to rates what dose that do for me
  6. I just did not what be kicked out of the clan
  7. Sorry I have not Ben on lately this dame work schedule its Ben kicking my butt right now I will try to be on more offton and on top of that I Ben Takeing care of my daughter and my wife so I will try Ben on best as I can
  8. Ty guys I will keep posting one game I went 60 kills and 24 deaths
  9. Hey guys look what I did in one game
  10. I hope everyone is having a great day today welcome to the new players and everyone one else :from Dead Run Killer
  11. Yup I Ben trying to keep up with you guys I am trying my best to get kills but its hard but I can do it I am a try hard and I won't back down everything like that I love playing ET its fun I use play it all the 8 years ago but I Ben trying to get to 40k so I can do what I need to do you know what I mean its lil lag but not to bad but that's what happens when you have lots of players on the same Libby you know what mean bro that's why I said what's up cuz I am trying to make friends and trying to play with you guys and help you guys out the best I can I Ben working hard to keep up with you guys so ya
  12. i did thatso what do i do now
  13. all i am waiting on is you guys appte my appcason
  14. i sign up for everything you guys need so i can join the clan

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