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  1. A pretty great satiric and genre bending movie that inspired the series.
  2. Hey there Kiba, thank you for your comment. Although the graphics card of my laptop isn't great for gaming, it can indeed run ET with 125 fps. However Arkinder pointed out that more than 60 fps can make what is shown on the screen less accurate because of my monitor: Arkinder makes a good point, and after reading about the topic some more, I found that limiting the fps has other advantages besides increased accuracy: I've tried both 62 and 125 fps a fair amount of time and smoothness wise I don't feel that much difference - so it doesn't make much sense for me to play on 125 fps unless I get a monitor with a higher refresh rate. Regards, Yuki
  3. Hi Arkinder, Thanks for your reply. Executing the config after connecting to the server solved the issue - it limits the FPS to 62. Thank you for all your help. Best regards, Yuki
  4. Hey there Arkinder, thank you for your reply! You make a good point as I did like the higher resolution I've had before so I just tried out what you suggested. The refresh rate of the integrated monitor is indeed just 60 Hz, so I've tried the first suggested .cfg settings. It seems to be working really well, the resolution I've set is 1600*900 and so far I've not noticed any drops in smoothness. Even though I've set the maxFPS to 62 as suggested, the FPS counter still seems to show between 90-125 FPS regardless. Is it possible that the FPS counter may not be that accurate or am I missing something here? Thanks for your time and regards, Yuki
  5. Hey there, thank you for taking the time to write this. It immediately solved the issue, cheers!
  6. Hey there, After recently picking up ET again, and tweaking the config and general settings, I've come to reach a somewhat stable 70 FPS, after previously suffering drastically low FPS drops (~15 on some maps when near players) Although the 70 FPS is playable, I would say this is far from optimal. My specs are as follows: My laptop (Dell M2800) 2.8-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-4810MQ 8GB DDR3L ram Graphics card AMD FirePro M4170 and Intel HD graphics Video memory 2GB All drivers have been updated to latest version, running windows 10 build 1809 Game settings: Using this config: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1700-sonofdocs-top-of-the-line-cfg/, where I only changed /seta r_primitives 2 and set all the in game graphic display settings to lowest. PK3 cleaner from this website has been utilized Latest patch ET 2.60b also from this website After reading several topics on this forum and other websites, I've still not been able to get my FPS past 70. Therefore I'm creating this topic, hoping someone can help me out. Any effort is much appreciated. If any additional information is needed, I'll be happy to provide it. Cheers, Yuki

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