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  1. Welcome to the servers.
  2. Hey all im back

    Had some problems with my pc so have been playing abit on a old intall on old pc as !!BOOM!! 

    but now im back and kicking as FA andy again. Hope i didnt cause any problems playing on different profile.
    have a great day.   

  3. I think having a set of core maps is a very good idea. Just like rambozo said we mostly just play the same popular maps on silent 1 and regulars dont really wanna learn the new maps. But that said its still good to have the new map rotaions, as they stil mostly get played by newer players when the server is less crowded. So the right combinations seem to be key. Maybe add TC base to core maps, it almost has the same amount off accumulated votes as Venice
  4. Its working now. i just dropped the whole backup ET folder i had onto this computer and it worked just fine. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for all of your inputs. i dont know where the etkey is, so im just gonna try and copy the whole thing
  6. Andysilent

    New computer

    Hey my laptop is dead and i saved my ET folder. But I'm not sure how to transfer my profile to my old computer it already has ET installed and working. Do i need to change my guide on here og do they also transfer? Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello and welcome, see you ob the servers
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