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  1. Happy Birthday br_aschan!

  2. Happy Birthday br_aschan!

  3. Happy Birthday br_aschan!

  4. Happy b-day mate :)

  5. So i opened up xfire and it asked for an update. Through xfire mind you it didnt ask me to go to a specific site to update. well once the update was finished Norton on my computer gives me a message saying a trojan was blocked coming from the temp files from the update. And then again a site i never opened sent another attack upon my computer, which Norton stopped again. The site was OoOoOoOo.com or somehting. Just giving the heads up and seeing if any of you had the same problem.
  6. br_aschan

    56M 19D

    Any of you ever served as any of these army positions? I would much like to discuss some things with you, i am looking into serving in the army myself. 56M - Chaplain Assistant 19D - Cavalry Scout
  7. freakin takin out nubs from 500m with this devilish gun on Operation flashpoint 2
  8. Anyone know how to bind a link to an image on the forums? like you click the image and it is a link. I was trying to make a "google button" taht said 'google button' and then when clicked it would bring you to "google.com" well duh but i tried [url="http://google.com"][img=http://i603.photobucket.com/albums/tt116/bmonker/googlebutton.jpg][/url] but it doesn't work any help? Sorry meant "binding" in title
  9. br_aschan


    YOU ARE ALL HATERS!!!!! except for Husa..... he's cool .....
  10. google is mans best friend <------------ google button
  11. br_aschan


    any of you ever go campin and be the only one who really enjoys it? I just went for the last couple days, amazing!!! i love nature. Except my family woke me up at 6:30 to pack up and leave!!!??? whats up with that? sigh.... i miss you nature....
  12. br_aschan

    Army Personnel

    thanks i will be diligent in my work. It may only be 3 yrs but it will stay with me for the rest of my life

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