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  1. hey guys 😕


    im sorry for the last 3 months which weren't very active here.. that was so intense for me (and it still is).


    Im still at school (just finished high school in June) and this year, I had a lot of anxiety. The fact that my future is still pretty fuzzy is very stressful for me : im a girl who loves her family, her little comfort, who dont very like big changes but this part of my life is forcing me to make changes. Im probably going to do european and international studies in English "far from my home" so you know I had to start adult things 😅 Looking for a apartement, how i'll go to my new city, maybe buy a new laptop.. It's hard but im gonna make this.


    oh damn they’re telling me in the earpiece that I’m telling too much about my life..🙃 In short, i just wanted to tell you that im going on vacation with my family on July 17th and will be back the 31st. Until 17th, I'll try to make the most of by playing.


    Thank you all. Stay safe <33



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    2. joo


      The new stage of life is always exciting!  It will be fine

    3. Hulk


      Wishing you all the best in your studies and life! You CAN do it! We will be around, when u have time stop in least say hello maybe share pictures if u like. Enjoy your vacation!😎

    4. DeKing


      It's always good to have news from you, and naaah you don't talk too much  😛 


      Thoses adults things always made me sad.. but well it's life, they will stay forever in you heart !


      And I hope you lil brother will take the following soon 😁


      Don't forget to install ET on your new laptop !! 😘


      Enjoy your vacations ! send some pics here :) 


      Seen you soon on B2 !

  2. For our young frenchies, french speakers and "rap" lovers, i am litterally entrain de saigner the new album of Damso :
  3. Hey im sorry to tell you that but hawaiian pizza is one of my favorite pizza.. yeah i know everyone isnt okay with me but i dont care I LOVE IT
  4. Hey welcome on the forum !
  5. I was just wondering about what guys were thinking about it xD
  6. Hey guys I dont know if there's football player or just people who appreciate European football. I just saw that they wanted to create a new League in Europe with English, Italian and Spanish clubs. Florentino Pérez with 12 clubs made this project. In France, and I think in all the European Union, this project is very controversial. It is highly criticized as it will be a very closed league and only accessible to rich clubs. I just want to know what do you think about this project if you heard about it ? Let me know
  7. (not knowing why) but this one hurts ⍨
  8. Eya all :)


    Just wanted to say a merry xmas to all of you and tell you that I really appreciate what you're doing to me, just the kindness and the joy around the FA team.

    I'll join my family so I take a little rest until Sunday night.


    Love you all and thanks so much ❤️

    a little French girl ッ

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    2. DeKing


      Merry xmas little Candy ! Take care of you and of your family :)

    3. Muri


      Merry xmas! Have a good time with your family 

    4. DarthMojo
  9. A little bit of Hawaiian song doesn't hurt.. (I don't even know if i can say that in English xD)
  10. Im actually watching at Arrow which I appreciate a lot ! I recommend it if you like Heroes and Action.
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