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  1. hell0 all ! 

    its really hard for me to combine my terminale year at high school and ET... So Im not really active here 😕

    Sorry for that and I hope y'all are good.


    Sending love :)

    1. Hulk


      It's ok focus on your studies and come back when you can! Real Life comes first.

    2. notellenPage


      Don't worry Minty, focus on what's important. And goodluck!

  2. hELLo all !

    I was coming back for one week to my home and played some days on jay1 and on beg2.

    Monday, I'm going to work so won't be able to play for 2 weeks :(


    I hope you all have a good summer,

    yup forgot it's not the end xD


    Send love !


    Little French girl ツ

  3. hello ! hope a big number of people will see and help me…


    I try to connect on b2 and s1 but i can't : i don't know why but the "awaiting connection" still charging 😕


    Talked with chu and he told me that this was maybe we had the same IP but we already played together on the same server and there weren't any problems...


    If someone know why or can help me, i would appreciate.


    a little french girl ツ

    1. Rolan001


      is already fixed lady :)


  4. Don't ask why, i just like it so much !
  5. hey Mint, my vote you have it! +1 

  6. Ayoooo welcome here !
  7. Happy birthday guys !
  8. Happy birthday guys !
  9. Ayoooo ! Hope you'll have good time here and on b2! See u on b2!
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