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  1. Siema! Z której części Polski pochodzisz? Welcome to the forum.
  2. I know probably most of You have watched this movie a lot of us already, but for me it was the first time. Every review I've read about it was saying the same thing: it's a masterpiece, Stanley Kubrick's top form. My opinion: no, it's not, Full Metal Jacket is. 6 out of 10 - because I like Jack Nicholson.
  3. When I heard about it for the first time I wasn't sure if it's for me. Now, I've started reading it again. Cleared up a lot of things in my young mind. Of course, I read it in Polish.
  4. notellenPage


    2. Always second.
  5. Another LOTR fan, welcome aboard!
  6. covered in mayo
  7. If I had an opportunity to give a nickname based on Your photo, it would be Kermit. Kermit 100% You are one handsome boi xD
  8. I would to answer to what D..X put in the last topic, almst the best 5 songs I've heard. Delete "Dark Necessities" from RHCP and instead of that add Frontside - Dopóki moje serce bije. And with that music I can spend my whole life on an island, without any human being.
  9. so... this one is the 'trying to look normal" selfie. Give me some time and I'll me a proper one, Tinderclass one xDDDD aaahhh, I forgot, "the icecream is the tricky one". Yo!
  10. I've watched it 3 times already xD It is so far the best show I have watched in my life. Everything's is on top in this: actors, their costums, even the actors looks like the real persons, background, music, the sounds - I am still amazed by it. But of course, the story which is showed in Chernobyl had to be changed in few situations - most of them are explained in the end of the show. Besides that 'bridge of death' or how they called it. There's no proof that anyone died because of the time they have spent there, watching that reactor.
  11. Yes, I'm aware it's for kids. Yes, I'm aware I looked strange in the cinema watching it sorrounded by 12 years old kids. But it was totally worth it. I was waiting for a pokemon-movie since I was 12. Even dropped a teardrop.
  12. Yes, my bad, sorry. That's probably the most accurate sentence about flamma and what's happening when he plays I'm far more worse than he is, but even if he's playing in opposite team, he's not ruining my fun or, in my opinion, everyone else's xD of course, it's "nice" to have him but playing against him it's kinda challenge and I love challenges. It's just a game, everyone is trying to get better and better and, thanks to him, me and few more guys have that opportunity.
  13. When I posted this it seemed to me like a problem, but now... I'm not sure if anything changed, but it looks good. Maybe more people started playing because of the holiday? Haven't noticed that few maps were won by only one team and nothing changed. -?- got banned today, so probably there's no more ppl playing on Beg2, who stack every map. Like Cross said today, when Flamma's on the server, the good fun ends
  14. 1: Hi again, yeah, I've noticed that people stack a lot, especially when no one's around to keep them tight. That's another problem. I understand you guys, I know no one can spend their private time on the server. To be honest, I haven't been working for about a month, since I came back from UK, so usually I play in the morning, where there's only few guys playing. I understand you've got jobs and families and everything, I don't blame anyone for that. It's just... I didin't know I'm the only one who noticed that so... I kinda feel embarassed now 2: I don't have discord... and don't know what's that, have to read about that more 3: Of course, I would like to help, I kinda feel a part of this ET community, my Internet 'family'. The issue I have with applying is my language, my English is not good enough in my opinion, I know I make a lot mistakes and I'm still freaking learning it. Another thing is this week I'm playing, but, for example, next 2 weeks I might be travelling or spending holiday somewhere. So what's the point of having an admin like that?

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