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  1. Guys, as the title says - it's a gallery. Please, minimize the spam to the minimum.
  2. Hello there, welcome on our forums. Enjoy your stay!
  3. Server: Begginners#2 Map : FA_Bremen After the truck is moved further behind first barrier, bots(atleast 4 of them) aren't moving forward, they camp at it, trying to fix all the time.
  4. Maybe we could try the S1/HC way - lowered KR like it is on those servers so the differences will not be as big as they seem on Beg#2 and players might stop carrying about KR and play more as a team?
  5. Monica Raymund Drama GIF by Hightown

    1. RendeL
    2. Ins4ne
    3. Basalisk


      Welcome back buddy! missing you on server.

  6. Great! We have our channel for CS, we're GN2's, GN3's and sometimes GN4's xD. We play almost everyday, for like 3-4 maps, usually in the afternoon/evening EU time. If you would like to join, catch me on discord and I'll send you an invite. Btw: GN3 here
  7. Erm... I recommend Youtube and find something for yourself - I like barber roleplays xD
  8. Before FA there was a Polish clan called Ognisty Młyn - o|M if I'm not mistaken. We had pretty good numbers in 2013 and 2014. But somewhere in 2015 few of my buddies said 'see you tomo' and never came back.
  9. Comment ça vaaaaaaaaa ??! 

    1. Nancy


       ça va :P


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