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  1. Mighty flamethrower is so powerfull it's gonna burn the FPS's and server xD
  2. Oh, that's why. Now everything's clear to me Great job Nancy! xD
  3. Hello there! And welcome back to greatest game of all!
  4. W mordę jeża, 2 Insejny... Będziecie się napieprzać rozumiem o to który jest nr 1? xD Siema!
  5. You said in your original post you hope people will share their stories, I shared mine and that's all. My experience says they don't and I wanted to share it. I won't get into specifics coz it was like all the other stories we all heard and the only thing it's gonna be bring are memories and feelings I killed inside myself
  6. Long distance relationships doesn't exist. They all fall apart one day or another.
  7. Winter is cancelled due to covid, come back from your break. We need you. A*teamo needs you. Bring the glory back.

    Amazing Season 6 GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

    1. Hesis


      Slowly but surely, I come back 😎

  8. B2 is lost. It was such a nice place to play on [*]. Congratz bois!
  9. Poutsi!!!! I know you have real life and shit but let me know if you're ok.

  10. In my opinion best vodka. But I haven't tried those those for 30+ Euro vodkas And yes, it is totally worth it. Bols/Zubrowka/Zoladkowa are from the same shelf and they far from being good
  11. Bonjour, messieur King! French is not one of the languages I know or speak but Gharib is trying his best to teach me more of it! Comment sa va? Allez tries bien? xD Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!
  12. Well, Amundsen is about that price, I'm not sure how much it is now coz it's been a while since I drunk it for the last time. Now - 3 weeks of being sober coz of my health. I miss whisky
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