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  1. No sorry, I made a mistake. Happy birthday mr @Kurre. Sto lat i wszystkiego najwspanialszego! It's midnight your time so I can wish u whatever I want and fu. I wish you everything better: better future. Yeah, that's it. Better future comes with u drinking with me in the great country of Finnland. And again, f u, you are a great man. You don't no 15yo bois to prove that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  2. Can I be mean now coz I turned 30?

    For those who doesn't know, 1st of August 1944, the Warsaw Uprising started at 17:00.

    During few weeks of those fights Germany killed 150k-200k Poles and destroyed 80% of the city. Russian army was around 50km away from Warsaw, waiting for the city to bleed out.




  4. Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  5. I already like you! Welcome to the forums!
  6. HAPPPYHWJESDBFIWEDF WJHEGV sorry, wszystkiego najlepszego prorysa
  7. Wszystkiego najlepszego! All the best!
  8. notellenPage

    ET NQ #1 i'm back

    Hi Back, I'm Hungry!
  9. Best. Server. Ever. Hello! Enjoy your stay!
  10. Hi.

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    2. GHARIB


      Hohoho Monsieur Nut comment ça va :)


    3. floki


      Hey nottela wb ☺️

    4. Mint Candies

      Mint Candies

      hey nutty !

      How are you ?

      It's been a long time we'vent seen you.. We miss you on B2 😕 

      Take care ❤️


      a little french girl ツ 

  11. Was Just passing by this way to say to you a biiig Bonsoir Monsieur... 

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