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  1. Hello! Beg#2 reports for duty!
  2. Bonsoir Minty! Welcome to the forums Again!
  3. notellenPage


    Hey there! Welcome in the forums, nice to have you here! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Yeeeeeeeeesh!!!!!!!! And this time I don't have to cancel anything! See you on the battlefield, comrads!
  5. Brand new, still hot!
  6. Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/mar/27/uk-coronavirus-live-rough-sleepers-nhs-applause-covid-19-latest-news
  7. @daredevil I want to buy them from aliexpress, not from our national supliers, those are 2 independent facilities but still, aliexpress is going to be banned from tomorrow. Czech Republic is getting tonnes of medical stuff(masks, uniforms, tests) from China - Poland didn't even want to talk to them @PikeKiller what do you mean?
  8. @daredevil I'm not blaming them for everything of course, they reacted quite fast, closed the borders, schools, pubs and there was no confirmed case in Poland yet when they did that. But we all need masks, it grows up in our bodies for 2 weeks without symptoms and we can still be spreading, around 40% of new cases is from people that aren't aware of that virus - masks can help slow it down a bit. Why can't they let us buy them? I'm just worried, that's all. And think about it too much
  9. Those are the same masks whole world is using and I'm buying them by Chinese website but from a store in Poland
  10. Sorry for the links but when our governments(especially Polish one) aren't doing enough, we need every help we can get: 1. https://staythef***home.com/ 2. https://wearaf***ingmask.com/ It's been almost impossible to get masks in Poland for few weeks coz they were all bought out, the prices reached the ceiling... But, since China started working normally, you could buy them on aliexpress, thousands of masks. So our beloved hatred government decided to block us from buying them since tomorrow. Today it's the last day when you can order them from Polish store. Tomorrow... Banned we are expecting one of the or maybe few politics just bought a massive factory to produce those type of masks so he can get monopoly great country I live in.
  11. lol XD Yes, I've read about it. Potential, but not cures as I remember but drugs that might helpfull in treatment.

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