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  1. Hmmm script blocking someplaces so you can't DJ/TJ to skip obj, but its still possible to go through doors and blow up generator without making a radio mast, because i don't think its possible(maybe im wrong) to DJ through gate
  2. Bobekk

    FPS Drops

    r_finish 0 also worth to try
  3. lol, Bobek xD siema :D

    1. Bobekk


      Siema Siema :D


    2. notellenPage


      Zastanawiałem się właśnie kto to taki się uaktywnił, a tu się okazuje, że Bobek to znajomy z beg#2 xD

    3. notellenPage


      Btw, zarejestrowałem się dzień po Tobie :D

  4. JAY1 Map: School bots don't have a waypoints
  5. Bobekk

    FPS Drops

    Hmmmm can you try to make a video via phone or something ? higher snaps if its possible "snaps 20/30/40"
  6. Small map ? bigger than venice and smaller than mlb_egypt which is really big map.
  7. Oh i see your point. Trackbase fail because they add for it a pictures from uje 00. https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=8209 There is UJE 01 VIP. UJE 00 and UJE 01 VIP are different maps.Just TB failed with pictures
  8. NQ1 Radar map don't have antirush script for Radar Parts.
  9. Spawn shield disapper after 4 seconds or when you press left mouse button after spawn no matter if holding smg,medpack,syringe. What is fun when on some maps player will jump into enemy team spawn with flamethrower , an example Goldrush when allies player will jump into 2nd Axis spawn with flamethrower and axis players start to shoot him they losing a spawnshield and getting killed by allies player. On our old server we had also spawnkilling allowed but only from light weapons, Killing players in spawn with heavy weapons(panzer,flamer,artillery,rnades,nades) was for forbidden ,exception was a capturable spawns where you could spawnkill with everything . Only at Jay1 spawn shield is long enough and when you shoot you don't lose spawn shield.
  10. Transmitter https://et.trackbase.net/map/37/ Panterbase https://et.trackbase.net/map/176/ Xposed https://et.trackbase.net/map/127/ UJE 01 VIP https://et.trackbase.net/map/172/ Eagles 2 Ways https://et.trackbase.net/map/120/
  11. So if you playing about 20+ years(You had to add RTCW times i think.Because ET is from 2003) anyway my point is if you playing so long this game so from this 31 map which old-owl listed you already had to play most of them. So atleast we could try it for week then can decide about rotation stay or we return to map voting for me its simple. But if you want to play 5-6 maps only , play it i don't care. @edit @Ford (Cz) It's not about i hate double jump, spawnkilling. It's about balancing a gameplay. What is fun on some maps example sp_delivery_te which is played often when allies cap flag after 15 seconds with DJ ? Radar today DJ enabled + no antirush = 7 minutes(even allies didn't destroyed gate all through cp). Making some adjustments will make few maps better to play , harder to win. It's also about how you want to play just to shoot some people or have some fun and rivalry when you playing for obj ?
  12. Also most of the maps needs a balance in their mapscripts like lowered DJ talking about popular etpro maps(adlernest,bremen,supply etc) and their edited versions, its really annoying if you playing and you see that half or allies team jumping over the wall(supply example) and camping with flamers or bazzoka at axis spawn only waiting when axis is starting to shoot(losing spawn shield) and boom you dead but you respawned like 2-3 seconds earlier. Old-Owl is expert in rotation map system + he can modify mapscripts for balancing it.
  13. So lets play only Italy,Goldrush in 3 version,Supply,Marakech,Oasis all of the time there will be no problem. So im +100 for rotation system to not play goldrush for 3 times in 1 hour. If rotation will not work they allways can comeback to map voting system,tell me how much time you playing here to don't get bored playing the same maps all of the time??
  14. Bobekk

    FPS Drops

    Hmmm another thing maybe update PB ?
  15. Bobekk

    FPS Drops

    Man you posting a thing which working for mice only... , he mean a monitor input lag if im right. xD

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