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  1. Hey Mad Doc was you a Corpsman at some point ?!



  2. Hello Linux , Could you stop laying down artillery fire that would be nice 🤣


    ~ SUBGOD ~

  3. Heya Crazyshot :D



    It really is tough XD but yeah no longer !


    It Originated from ET actually a old friend of the Family used Subgod to game on the old Bunker 1 server. I went by the name of LilDead then when I was young. I began playing other games and the name Subgod always came to mind.


    HELLO =F|A=Vindstot
  7. Hello my name is Ryan, I'm 24 ! Currently a Bunker member have been for 12 or more years yes I was young when I first started playing my step dad at the time was a Bunker 1 Server Admin , if some of you played on Bunker 1 |>B<|Greenmanalishia was his name. I am a active duty Marine Oorah! I am a Sergeant, I love slaying bodies and gaming with friends! Would love to game with the community and hopefully get some discord chat going while slaying bodies ! HAPPY GAMING -.o ~ SUBGOD ~
  8. The Team of Shana & RedBaird got you set up here, despite some computer-chit !  Welcome to the F|A Forums!  :D 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RedBaird


      I habitually keep things like that private.  :D  I am in Northern California, East of San Francisco and south of Sacramento.  


      When I started my FaceBook account, I gave a fake birthdate.  


      Years later, I hit a clickbait to see how long that they would predict that I would live.  They said 105 years! :o 


      THEN I remembered that I had put my birthday as the WW I Armistice Day!


      That also tells me that perhaps our readers can't see our birth-years, but the click-baiters can (and probably the advertisers!  :( 

    3. SUBGOD


      Lol very well xD im in the beautiful oasis of 29 Palms.. great place

    4. RedBaird


      What happened to the 30th palm?

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