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  1. Old Owl


    Hahah welcome Exor my friend! What I can say, I'm so happy that you registered and decided to play here in a community that rocks like no other! One of my best ex-admins is among us. See you in the battle field.
  2. Ok. Some maps are on this list. We can discard something if they are too much. Will highlight what can be removed just in case. Of course it is up to you to remove what you think is not good, and keep some good maps from the current map pool. Feel free to ask for maps.cfg to be added in the mapsconfig folder and the optional scripts to be placed in mapscript folder. If you don't find one or more maps, I can upload them somewhere. Thanx! Braundorf Final CTF Face Beta 1 Raw Castle Final Supply Depot Pro Villa Gun b2 =F|A= Italy Airfield Assault FP Adlernest 2 Final Axislab Final Baserace Desert Bergen Final Breakout 2 Caen 2 Cathedral Final Dubrovnik Final Goldrush GALS Final Marrakech Streets 2 by Night Final MP Base ZE Alienz Final Pitch Black Winter Praetoria: Mission Two Final Secret Bay Final Snatch! 3 Final Watten V2 UJE 00 Final Venice Final Adlerhorst Final Capuzzo Final Castle Attack Beta 5 X-Posed Final V2 Factory Final MLB Temple Final
  3. Thanks, I will make what you requested. I hope this will help to make's everyone satisfied for their expectations, and more willing to challenge the new environment they will face on NQ1.
  4. Sure if you like this way I can help to make some rotations and the relative maps configs. Let me know if I have green light or not. I can collaborate "live" on Discord with you guys NP.
  5. NoQuarter have a specific feature where you can change some values (i.e. Doublejump) on a specific map only. So It can be settled off or lowered, for example with set g_doubleJumpheight 1. This command doesn't disable double jump at all, but lower the height of the jump so the players can't go over an obstacle which need an objective to be done first.
  6. Thanks DareDevil for the new maps added. Now I think that some new maps should be added, but of course you cant all the maps that Punitron listed (lol). So I can sum up what can be interesting: - Venice. Yes this map is a classic and I think everyone played it sometimes. https://et.trackbase.net/map/11/ - Xposed. Another interesting map that can be tested. Maybe with FF off can have an issue because the first part can get stuck due to the axis spawn near the first objective, but worth a try. https://et.trackbase.net/map/127/ - MP Base Alienz version. Same as the current map you have in hte server but very well modified version. https://et.trackbase.net/map/35/ - Capuzzo Airport final. Very nice map large but can be good for few players as well. https://et.trackbase.net/map/7507/ - Airfield Assault. This map is nice and need good teamwork. Very recommended. https://et.trackbase.net/map/112/ Not so many maps listed, but it is better less than too much new maps at once, to let players know the maps step by step.
  7. For a fast map add, you can add Breakout 2, which is a nice map. You can see it here: https://et.trackbase.net/map/49/ This never will change so much, because the players always discard the unknown maps, and choose the maps they know already.
  8. I don't know if you have an admin command to set the number of the bots. You can try to add this code to shrubbot.cfg and set teh bots you want "on the fly". Maybe helps to fix the issue in the maps that behave like baserace. [command] command = maxbots exec = bot maxbots [1] desc = Usage : !maxbots <value> - Set the maximum of bots to <value> we want active including humans! levels = (you know your levels to add)
  9. Thanks Daredevil, about the importance of every player, you think the same as I do. About the sarcasm, was not my intention; you are doing a great work here, no doubts about it. I really know that a multigaming, multi mod server needs a lot of efforts to be managed. So I understand that some low priority tasks can be postponed. This is sign of a good management. Back to the main topic, you said to me already, that you have settled some maps in the server after a round talk in Discord, and some needed to be tested before add them too. I hope you find the time to preceed. I am available to give some help just in case. Thanks!
  10. I am sorry to see that after 2 months of several feedbacks about maps, looks like we are left behind. Probably you are busy enough so don't take my observation so important. Just a small thought.
  11. Twice Happy Birthdays, even its late lol. In particular to Odeon my friend from old times ahah.
  12. Bump with a summary. Maps to add if not added already: Secret Bay : secret_bay_et.pk3 Goldrush GALS Final : goldrush-gals.pk3 Rushers 11 : rushers11_b2.pk3 Baserace Desert : baserace_desert.pk3 UJE 00 : UJE_00.pk3 Praetoria EP2 "Hells on wheels" : praetoria_m2.pk3 UJE The Ghetto : UJE_the_ghetto_final.pk3 Fueldump-Z b2 : fueldump-z2.pk3 Thanks !
  13. I strongly suggest to add Praetoria Mission 2 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/622-praetoria-mission-two-hell-on-wheels-praetoria_m2pk3/

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