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  1. I don't know if you have an admin command to set the number of the bots. You can try to add this code to shrubbot.cfg and set teh bots you want "on the fly". Maybe helps to fix the issue in the maps that behave like baserace. [command] command = maxbots exec = bot maxbots [1] desc = Usage : !maxbots <value> - Set the maximum of bots to <value> we want active including humans! levels = (you know your levels to add)
  2. Thanks Daredevil, about the importance of every player, you think the same as I do. About the sarcasm, was not my intention; you are doing a great work here, no doubts about it. I really know that a multigaming, multi mod server needs a lot of efforts to be managed. So I understand that some low priority tasks can be postponed. This is sign of a good management. Back to the main topic, you said to me already, that you have settled some maps in the server after a round talk in Discord, and some needed to be tested before add them too. I hope you find the time to preceed. I am available to give some help just in case. Thanks!
  3. I am sorry to see that after 2 months of several feedbacks about maps, looks like we are left behind. Probably you are busy enough so don't take my observation so important. Just a small thought.
  4. Twice Happy Birthdays, even its late lol. In particular to Odeon my friend from old times ahah.
  5. Bump with a summary. Maps to add if not added already: Secret Bay : secret_bay_et.pk3 Goldrush GALS Final : goldrush-gals.pk3 Rushers 11 : rushers11_b2.pk3 Baserace Desert : baserace_desert.pk3 UJE 00 : UJE_00.pk3 Praetoria EP2 "Hells on wheels" : praetoria_m2.pk3 UJE The Ghetto : UJE_the_ghetto_final.pk3 Fueldump-Z b2 : fueldump-z2.pk3 Thanks !
  6. I strongly suggest to add Praetoria Mission 2 https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/622-praetoria-mission-two-hell-on-wheels-praetoria_m2pk3/
  7. Welcome to the club, Radiant mate! I had same path with RTCW and ET, LOL Enjoy your Stay in F|A !
  8. I will try to be there in Noquarter server! See you all and prepare to be defeated haha
  9. I suggest you to add the following maps: Secret Bay ET : And replace Baserace with the desert version: Last map made by me (noob mapper lol), which is a bit more sunny than the original one Fueldump-Z2 https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=4899 Thanks in advance!
  10. Old Owl


    Hey Soda, some of the maps you are searching can be downloaded and some not because are buit in the game itself. Fueldump, radar, battery are part of the game so you don't have to download them. Etdo is a particular maps set; etdo_f2.pk3 contains 7 maps inside, from etdo1 to etdo6 and etdotj ... you have only to download one package (etdo_f2.pk3) and not the separated maps. Glider can be downloaded here: Hope it helps a little bit Technical add: The reason why you see different names from the pk3 file than the first name is because the package inside contain the compiled map with a different name with the extension .bsp. So the package glider_302.pk3 contain inside glider.bsp which is the name that the server needs to run it.
  11. Thanks and thanks So true that every ET player will return to play ET, even after a long pause ^^ Since I play in your server I recognized some old known players, and thats fantastic! And was a nice pleasure to meet you again here! Remember you as a very nice player. Thanks
  12. Yoho sure! I remember you from FG. ps Where is my friend Fragger?
  13. Hey Destiny, sure I do remember V4ndal and I-2 Stupid lol. Long time passed... Wasn't Dest!ny your nick as well? Lol How many nicks I knew in 12 years, my memory can fail a little bit haha And ofc, thanks all for the warm welcome!
  14. Hello to everyone! I am Old-Owl, I Played Return to Castle Wolfenstein online since 2001, then I played Enemy Territory a lot (2004-2017) by creating an ET Community, Dark-alchemy Community, unfortunately closed after 12 years of great fun. So I took a long pause from ET, till one day I had some nostalgia and so I played a bit in your server. First impression was nice, I got welcomed from your nice admin CheepHeep, so I decided to drop few words here. Just to let you all know me a little bit more. I will return to play here and hope that we get in touch to know each other.

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