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  1. Ahoj Nancy! Sorry im not a big fan of TV shows. I watch TV only for sport,mowies and documentary i download from internet,because in Slovakia is list of programs always the same. Wish you nice day :D
  2. Thank you all for nice replies! :D
  3. Hello eveyrone! My name is Dušanka im 32 years old woman from Slovakia. I work in health care as paramedic. In free time i play W:ET because is for me relax. I like horror mowies and mowies by true story. I like read books, and history,krimi journal,. I have one dog chihuahua and parrots. See you on the server My name is Dušanka. I am a 31 years old woman from Slovakia.I work in health care as paramedic.In free time I play W:ET and WOT.I like horror mowies and mowies by true story and I like to read history books.I have one dog chihuahua
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