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  1. So, I guess this Raziel guy is some kind of legend...does he still exist or ever make appearances?
  2. So you're saying that my bed sheets or pants leg doesn't make a decent mouse pad then?
  3. Wow, you guys are great. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful, I mean some one maintains all this. Thanks guys...
  4. I wish the server would try some...I mean we have a thriving ET community here with new maps, support but servers tend to stick to the same old maps. Is it because people don't want to download new maps or something?
  5. Probably got to put some time in, no?
  6. ^^^^ We need an engineer, very true....also true of defending the obj sometimes... Sometimes people only seem to care about frag... and ET was never just about frag...It's not Doom... I can think of times where I had to remind my whole team to actually defend the obj....even with larger teams. I shouldn't have to ever do that. JS
  7. The server still gets pretty full but the glory days were really full, over 10 more players per team.
  8. There aren't many modifiable games left out there in the world...ET and Jedi Academy, Outcast are very few options left. They are very limited engines and mapping a hut where you spend most your time crawling or laying down isn't easy in such dated engines... But we don't have much to work with anymore. So, I'm tempted to open up Radiant and give it a shot again. For starters making such a terrain is a rather difficult task but I've just had a brain storm how to pull such a thing off. Mapping a swamp with thick jungle growth isn't the easiest thing to do in Enemy Territory... The hut itself I have attempt many times. I know the layout pretty well. I've done some research into it and have attempted to map it many times in the past. This time around I would try to go for an accurate as possible depiction of the hut. Easier said than done of course but I'd like to give it a go. I'm starting college soon and no doubt will be working full time. I started a Temple of Doom Indiana Jones map, never finished it... I may start this project and I finish either project I may be 50 years old before I do so... No one has EVER mapped a decent representation of Yoda's hut before. There was a great 3d Model out there for some time but as far as I can tell it's gone now... I'll see if I can find it. I've found it, this is the BEST absolute best 3D Model of Yoda's hut ever created but it was never used for any gaming projects and I'm not sure it could even be used in GTK Radiant...| Perhaps it could be used in Unreal 4 engine but I don't even know how to mod in that, do you guys? https://blenderartists.org/t/yodas-hut/694369
  9. Even I was shocked by the amount of spamming I was doing when I watched it.
  10. If only I were so sophisticated my friend. It's all listed in this video description, the video up-loader is much more cultured than I am.
  11. This game recording isn't anything exceptional... however, it is a GG. Unfortunately I messed up the sound during recording... Anyways it was a fun game and some of the guys who were there wanted me to share it when I told them I recorded it. So, here you go... I've had closer, more intense games of course but this one was fun. Nothing special but it was a good fight. Honestly you had to be behind the keyboard to really get the rush and excitement that was there... watching it doesn't really capture it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW1zpvNxbds&feature=youtu.be

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