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  1. Merry xmas to everyone from Portugal . Wish that everyone is safe and in a pleasant situation. Cheers, EyE
  2. @DeKing , try to watch À Bras Ouverts . Maybe you will like it
  3. But i love french comedies ... i have difficulty on enjoying a good comedy as most of them are just clichês but i love some french comedies Also good action movies ...
  4. I have here Frontiers to see . I didn´t liked much Haute Tension . Sheitan i liked ( i also like Vicent Cassel , great actor ) . Martyrs is on my list . I also have the movie Ils ( didn´t liked it much ) . Unfortunatelly we don´t have much we have Coisa Ruim and in the genre horror-comedy we have now Mutant Blast . Is a genre not much supported in Portugal unfortunatelly .
  5. i have The Nun in my collection i would say that probably 70% of my collection is horror movies
  6. @XeRoiX, that´s a good collection there
  7. Yeah , go ahead and put them exposed A vollection is always nice to see Nice Leather , some good movies there
  8. DeKing , i love alot of different type of movies but my favorite genre is horror . I still have alot of movies to watch lolol . Thank you about the collection @XeRoiX , thanks mate . I wish i had more money to buy some more statues ehehehhehe. @Dink the Clown thanks mate . I filled my living room with these Billys from Ikea . Don't you have any movies displayed ? Would be awsome to see it
  9. It don´t have much quality but with this lightining i can´t get better .
  10. You have photos of your collections guys ?
  11. Waiting for my blu-ray next week
  12. Oldboy ( the original korean version ) The Game ( Directed by David Fincher ) The Others
  13. Sure, a collection is always a collection .VHS, Laserdiscs ...
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