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  1. My suggestion is exacly the opposite, is to have sniper maps ONLY to snipe, not to frag at all . There are maps where is NOT possible to cross and frag , that is my suggestion ! @LukiI would love that . For now if we had a server with 1 sniper map would be already nice Having a sniper server would be awsome
  2. Hello, i would like to suggest to include 1 sniper map ( where crossing is not possible ) in one of our servers . I think that it could be nice to have it but it would had to be one of the non possible to cross maps, otherwise it would ruin completely the fun of the snipers with people crossing to frag ... I didn´t suggested any server because i don´t know what is the acceptance of a sniper map in our global servers . Thank you, EyE
  3. The map Stalingrad should be finished when allies explode 2 tanks . The problem is that if allies explode only 1 tank the map will finish giving allies the victory . This bug not only makes it easy to allies as it also can make the map finished withing the first 5 minutes after it starts ....
  4. Thank you Mike , really basic and simple Cheers
  5. Hello guys. I never had a cfg and i am completely noob about it but i would like to try some configs . My question is, BEFORE exec a config, is there a way to make a config with my actual settings so that in case i dont like the cfg that i plan to use , i can go back and restore to my old settings ? Is there a way to create something to " undo " the cfg that i plan to use ? I dont know if i am explaining myself correctly but i hope you guys understand what i mean . Thank you in advance, EyE
  6. I had a question but solved it .
  7. Since yesterday i am on Placebo mode ...
  8. Just amazing , it really looks spectacular . Thank you for your work @Smileyyy , is very good to see people nowadays still working on ET maps ... Really thank you . Can´t wait to play it ... Cheers
  9. Hip, when i wrote " SOLVED . I would like to delete but cant find a way to do it ... " no one had replied yet and the post was made into 2 places , was duplicated .
  10. About the router , it is 2.4Gz . The wifi , i have no idea what the letters stand for. I even made a phone call to my internet provider support line and there they couldnt answer me that
  11. @Bobekk , i found a post of someone with same problem as me and yes , the solution was to put thecom_hunkmegs 128 . I can´t find a way to delete this pot and is duplicated, so i ask an admin to please close it or delete it please ( i would prefer delete as it is repeated . Thank you in advance .
  12. @Leatherface, i found someone that made a post with same error message and inside that post Daredevil gave the solution that also worked in my case , type in console /com_hunkmegs 128 . @daredevil , i found a post where someone had same error message as me and in there you gave the solution worked perfectly ( even if i have no idea of what the command does ... ) . Thank you bud .
  13. I have this problem too . Thought it was a problem of my internet provider or something similar ...
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