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  1. What is this new punishment system when hurt an admin and gets insta slay?
  2. This is kinda late but, after a week, reviving a teammate within 20 seconds seems satisfying. Nice job!
  3. Correction: 20 seconds by default, not around 15 seconds since I think it's for medics
  4. I got another suggestion. Please lower the revival time for non-medic users from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. 30 seconds is certainly TOO long!
  5. What if we can turn Ins #2 into Sernix server where it features a flare thar can respawn teammates?
  6. Bordeaux wine bought from France. It cost around €5,49
  7. @Carbonautics Hmm... That's okay then. Guess we have to leave it aside. How about we add an ability for Engineers to deconstruct one building by pointing and standing in front of it? Also, another ability to repair built fortification like sandbags and barbwires?
  8. Hello! I was wondering if we could add some improvements for our server #4 featuring Medic and Engineer classes. Before I started playing in your server, I was roaming in different modded coop servers discovering new things beyond just playing regular non-modded servers coop or pvp alike. So I thought, maybe I can introduced some of my suggestions based on my experiences listed below: Boost "low" HP from 25 to either 35 HP or 40 HP Improve the medic's silhouette to better see and prioritize while trying to revive a fallen teammate Engineer buildings disappear whenever a new objective is captured or destroyed needs to be fixed. Especially once a counter attack is set Boost Build points for Engineers. Maybe around 18 or 20 Add a silhouette or a text with instruction to the Ammo cache built by an Engineer so that they don't have run back and forth, from the resupply point to the battlefield and help them see or realize that there's a mobile resupply point. Here is an example of what I mean: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1787058162 And finally, if it's possible, fix bot's spawn point in some maps pls I hope these would help contribute to improving the server including player experiences and look forward from hearing any positive results. Thank you for your comprehension. Izygowie
  9. Then after, I built sandbags to seal and unsee them
  10. Izygowie

    3 word story

    Fried Chicken Time!

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