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  1. I meant I never saw milkman so didn't know this is still a thing
  2. Hi milkman ,didn't know we have them any more
  3. Try changing the resolution in the config, for me it happened couple of time when I changed the default settings.
  4. Hi Gerrit and welcome, hope to see you soon
  5. Lior


    Hi Aaron, nice to meet you
  6. Was just about to post a birthday post happy birthday @von Rantala&@Odeonn Hope you will a good drink today
  7. Happy birthday girl
  8. I'm in as well. It is been a while since did a proper TJ site
  9. Hello, welcome and good to see you here waiting to see you again on the HC or at least silent
  10. Mazal tov Hope you had a good time @CheepHeep
  11. So how was the tournament? Did ppl register?
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