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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss RAILGUN oh yea i like this rotation i see some i never play before but i see RAILGUN and thats 1 of my favorite maps i dont really like temple map though
  2. IKill


    How is everybody doing today on this nice saturday Heres my Banshee that i kill the streets on every now and then
  3. IKill


    Hello everyone how is everyone doing on this wonderful friday? well the weekend is upon us once again anybody have any big plans? Me personally i have nothing major except i might work on my yamaha banshee and maybe do some riding with a couple friends
  4. Hello everyone how is everybody doing ont his nice weekend so far?
  5. IKill

    Game Code Error

    THanks guys i found it and have updated my profile and put in my silent guid
  6. IKill

    Game Code Error

    Hi everyone its me I.Kill i tried to connect to silent server to get my silent guid but i get game code error message ( ui_mp_x86.d11 ) can anyone help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hello how is everyone doing today? its me i.kill just want to get familiar with everyone and want everyone to get familiar with me i also play on xbox live my gamers tag is 'certifiedzmuzik' but my most favorite thing to do is race cars and ride my yamaha banshee when i have free time im currently expecting my second child (its a girl ) so im very excited about that . I live i the sunshine state (Florida) oh and as soon as i knock the dust off my FIFA game anyone that plays xbox live and has fifa i will destroy you
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