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  1. Quite some players told me this, but i could never recreate it. Only thing i personally noted is that i lost medic a few times when someone new joined in and picked medic. Personally im fine with it and just pick a SMG engie or covert ops so other people can play as medic. We dont have a single rate player on NQ#1, which is a good thing. Medics will most likely be played by the more skilled players and are the backbone for the fighting. HW, riflenades, arty etc. are support weapons. 70 kills in 30 minutes is not a good stat and quite normal. When i played for rate in 2017 on this server 100-130 kills in 30 minutes were normal, even with heavy spamming. To be fairly honest the weird hitdetection from the NQ mod helps the HW and riflenade engies quite a bit aswell. The problem most people have with "rambo medics" is them being simply just better at the game. Its not the healing, its not the slight advantage in hitpoints. Its for the most part a better aiming and "smart playstyle" (using cover, taking good fights, avoiding bad fights, breaking 1 vs X situations into multiple 1vs1s, etc.) And personally dont see a problem with that. There are tons of people crying about them and DEMANDING (not you Ford!) a method to easily kill those medics (e.g. HW, riflenades, medics being unable to heal themselves, etc.). ET is a competitive shooter. If there is someone better than you, well the solution is getting better yourself or except it and play around it. When i was on the server i asked a lot of people about the current changes and ideas behind it. And when people were unhappy about it i told them about this topic. But to be honest quite some guys were not just unhappy but being freaking rude. Being it on the server or private chatting. I even offered to tell their critic directly to S!mples. Well, end of the story: Most guys just simply insulted Simples and DD for changing stuff and refused to visit the forum or go to the discord. Im not going to baby-sit 30 year old manchilden who cant even get some manners towards the men putting literally tons of hours of their free time into this server. I told S!mples about them but wont do that in the future. If people want to be heard they need to join the forum or the discord. I creeped around the forum for years and just got active like 2 months ago. Every topic i made got quite some feedback and good discussions. So in my experience one's suggestions are glaldy heard over here. All in all eventhough we have completely opposite opinions regarding this topic and i love to shittalk in your direction on the server Ford. I really appreciate you and your posts here. See you on the server.
  2. Thats why i posted it we have a friendly banter for years he normally goes for the acc and i prefer going for hs. This round it was the other way around.
  3. 81 HS on 92 kills = you suck! Beat those stats and i hail you as NQ master Now on topic: Personally i hate the NQ aim/hitboxes/hitscan with a passion (eventhough i just play NQ nowadays lol). But in comparison to etpro it just feels "off". For me it often feels like the hitboxes dont match the player models whilst players are moving. So when you crouch and aim at headlevel i often just land bodyshots and whilst strafing i often dont even hit a single bullet eventhough being cleary on the model and close range.
  4. Big big thanks for all the work DD and S!mp! Really appreciate it The Panzer selfkilling can be annoying when the Soldier is doing it right, you will mostly need 3 good headshots to stop him and if he starts charging whilst peeking even that will not be enough. Personally i can live with it when its a single Panzerfaust. And especially versus players aiming for the ground you can still use a good timed /kill bind so he will blow up himself without getting a kill. Thats enough revenge for me. Nevertheless i really appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Never expected that amount of participation!
  5. Hi Guys, im quite sure this post will make the regular panzer hogs, flamer spinners and riflenade users hate me even more but its annoying me personally for quite a while now, so here we go. Nowadays NQ1 is quite crowded, which isnt a bad thing by itself. But the missing/lax heavy weapon and riflenade regulations turning quite a lot of maps into a crazy slugfest of spam. Most of the time you will find teams of 10 players + consisting of: - 2 Panzerfausts - up to 2 flamers - roughly 50% of the players playing riflenades (cant really say rifle when they fire more riflenades than normal rifle ammunition over the course of a map) - some medics and covert ops Every player with a bit of gamesense and knowledge will see that these weapons are heavily overpowered in comparison and therefore nearly always were met with strict regulations. In the current situation good decision making, playing around cover, taking good fights, avoiding bad fights etc. isnt even close to being rewarding. I get that NQ1 is a fun server, but the definition of fun cant be giving bad/worse players overpowered weapons based on a lack of will to invest time/effort to get better at the game. The fun behind the usage of multiple heavy weapons or 5-6 rifles in a single team is solely limited to the people using it, not the ones playing against. All in all i would prefer a stricter regulation, for example: - Panzerfaust limitied to 1 per team (maybe in combination with the 3 map rule like on Jay1?) - Flamer limited to 1 per team in combination with better visibility/overheating in accordance with the current flamer thread discussion. - Limiting the usage of riflenades to like 3 per team. maybe like 4 when there are 12+ players (is there a possibilty to disable solely riflenades and not the rifle? So an unlimited amount of rifles can be used but just a limited amount of people can use riflenades) In the end thats just my 2 cents, but i would like to see the opinion of other regulars and maybe admins, since after some talks im apparently not the only being bothered by it. Thanks for reading that wall of text.
  6. Im one of the people getting easily annoyed by the heavy weapon and rifle nade spam on the server. Personally im 100% with HipKat when it comes to the flamethrower. Every weapon has it pros and cons but the flamer in its current state completely messes up whole maps especially because of its vision blocking. As HipKat said charge changes should be the best method to stop brainless jumping whilst pulling the trigger and favor players using it wisely.
  7. Yes im referring to Supply Depot. For Special Delivery it's the same at the start of the map but should be far less problematic over all. Still unabling doublejump here is a good call aswell.
  8. Hi guys, i woul like to suggest to remove doublejump on the map Supply like it is already done on Adlernest. Mostly because it makes the map considerably harder for axis by allowing allies to ignore objetives like planting dynamites on the sidewalls to get multiple entrances to the supply yard. By simply doublejumping over or onto the supply walls the allies take higher ground easily and can force the axis back into their spawn in a way the mapdesign has not intended them to do.
  9. et_beach on NQ1 Bots keep standing around on allies side even after flag is captured and wall is breached.
  10. Hi F|A and friends, after several requests i finally made an account here. I started playing ET in 2007 and remembered the F|A servers when i came back in 2016. Since then im playing mostly on F|A NoQuarter and met great lads there. Keep up the good work and see you on the servers! Infiltrate! // Eintrickpferd

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