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  1. Hello man welcome & have Fun
  2. Oral exam completed now we are waiting for the results


    1. Letdown


      ok alors on va croiser les doigts !

    2. Larnaq Tv

      Larnaq Tv

      Merci resultat le 26 mai c 'est long!

  3. Larnaq Tv


    Hello friend streamer
  4. thank for sharing the answer
  5. yeah i know this probably don't from gfx card but we search anywhere Indeed by clear all ET files and uninstall this should work
  6. Follow Mufasa and snuffs99 advice Btw if he doesent work , save you'r etkey and uninstall and delete all files from Wolfenstein. What is you'r graphic card? if it's Nvidia post me you'r color setting like my screenshot .
  7. Nice one i have the smaller one because i dont love big keyboard but be sure corsair mechanical keyboard wont disappoint you !
  8. Sport exam today Cross Fingers For me !

    1. Letdown
    2. Larnaq Tv

      Larnaq Tv

      SUCESS my sport exam !! but i think i should stop smokjng !

  9. Thanks for the Feedback . Im here if you need some helping hand
  10. Hello. I would like to discuss about FA server. there 13 F|A server if i count the 3 etpro server We all know ACTIVE Server Are F|A recruiting , f|A Hardcore, F|A SIlent , ,F|A Beginners 1 ,F|A JAYMOD2and F|A Noquarter 1 Other Server are 95-100% time Full Bot So why keeping alive dead server costing some money ? it 's not better to delete them and trying to concentrate new players on server who are a bit active like Jay2 NQ1 and beginners1 ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And what about "=F|A= NOGAZ 1" server I mean server Without GAZ , Poison GAZ , I mean Cover ops in all server are Just spamming Gaz And poison GAz and you guys KNow how this **** make you'r fps DROP It was just a suggestion.
  11. Hello since the start of Marsh I have noticed some spike lag thinking it from server but I found the solution it’s from a windows update hope I will help some of you https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-update-is-freezing-games-microsofts-fix-uninstall-it-for-now/

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