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  1. Happy Birthday gigabyte!

  2. If you jailbreak your warranty will be void, unless you restore it before sending it back to apple.
  3. I can give it a shot dude, might be a little different since i dont have the PSD file anymore.
  4. The Chips on video cards have thermal grease on them too, it might need replacing.
  5. Not a big deal for the CIA, the CIA doesn't keep any confidential or top secret information on that website. Eventually they will catch them, i mean its the CIA. They are not gonna let this go without any consequences.
  6. I heard its crap, after 14 years of development.
  7. gigabyte

    Super 8

    I liked it, Good story and acting. I knew it was going to be good because J.J. Abrams always makes good movies.
  8. I was going to buy it but after reading reviews and watching the gameplay i decided not to.
  9. You can buy a CD key for like $15-20.
  10. Actually he is not a kid, I think he is like 18 or 20 years old. And that is the real 50 Cent, 50 went to his house to visit him.

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