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  1. pretty sure thats what happened to my list of people too! PX at least had a FB group and several of us are on there. Not really a clan anymore though lol
  2. I probably have my OLD SETTINGS somewhere lol. Would be funny if I found it and had XP from 2014
  3. Done. Still unsure why this is required? lol.
  4. Could this be why certain sounds make my game crash?
  5. LMAO I think Lenovo was trolling. I have no commands in there. Forgot to mention I do have the bob settings to zero and m_yaw and pitch changed. Keeps the crosshair straighter. I always hold my crosshair chin height.
  6. Someone had asked about my config. I usually play on jaymod so will post only that one. Also, it's mostly stock with the resolution settings set to a custom resolution and Fov at 110. Feel free to have a look. The cfg is named GRR because I was annoyed with trying to get ET 2.60b working on windows 10. Never bothered to change it. etconfig.cfg
  7. this is awesome., after all this time there are explanation for tactics lol. Where's Raging Red Rambo RockET?
  8. HERE!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THEY??? no shooting policy? lol. I like to explore
  9. Private Internet Access has my vote.
  10. PXRockET


    I thought you liked it :P. and just like shaggy said. "It wasn't me"
  11. PXRockET


    Whatever was done to the server, the accuracy is better. I'm not having nearly the issues I was having. I have also noticed other players to the same effect. So idk if the changes made to the class carry over fixed it (on certain maps) or what it was. Lots more accurate shooters on Jay 1. Also with what Dr. Spreadem is saying I have seen more Rambo medics. Maybe it was good for balance? Not sure if changing it back will cause accuracy issues again or not. If so, what class do I need to be to keep the spread down?

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