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  1. Hi there, I know alot about nutrition and if you have any questions, dont hasitate to ask me ^^ On this topic I want to tell you about our metabolism and about ketogenic nutrition and its unbelievable power. I will tell you about the origin, the biological-context and how it works in our bodies, especially how it helps for our health. All informations you can find in this topic are based on studies, experiments and basic biological understanding. You can find everything of this in the www. If you want to know from what pages I got this information, write a comment so I will look it up to you. I left it out here because I learn about this topic for years Lets first start with how our metabolism works: There are three ways in which the body can feed itself. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat(lipides). The problem is that our body only can use one fuel at the time - the carbohydrates, the substance thats is later processed into glucogen, is the fastest retrievable fuel and easy feasible into energy. So our body logically wants to use it first until its empty. So its btw. unpossible to lose weight until you stop eating carbohydrates (later more). We have a carbohydrate-reservoir of about 2500kcal. Every second we dont eat something, the body uses this reservoir, every time we eat carbohydrates, it fills this reservoir. Is the reservoir filled, the staying carbohydrates get transformed into fat and you gain weight. So lets say you have a basic metabolism of 2500kcal the day, you would need to stop eating for 24 hours to empty this reservoir or you will need to jog 6 hours in a row (~410-420 kcal per hour)!!! Now you know why its unpossible to loose weight only with sports ^^ Every dude that now says "No m8 thats not true, I did loose 3lbs only with sport" is right there, but he only lost water, which was saved in our epithel-tissue. In this no-eat period you will get headache and feelings that you start to get ill. Thats because our body don´t has fuel anymore and tries to warn us that we have to goddamn eat something. If our body gets no answer from us, he is forced to jump into another metabolism, without carbohydrates. Thats the protein-metabolism. It only lasts for 3 days and its a transitional solution for the body to find a better way to keep running. In this timespan the body builds the so called "ketones" a substitute-sugar, with same attributes like our carbohydrate-sugar. This ketone is gained out of fat-cells. And thats the interesting part. This metabolism transformation into ketabolism is anchored deep in our DNA thanks to our ancestors in the phase of development of the human mankind. So everytime we didnt find food, we took the fatcells and burned them until we found a nice and spicy mammoth. But now you will say "Dude shut the f*** up! what guy would stop eating for so long to loose any weight?" Yeah sure thats a point, even though there is a prooven system called fasting. You renounce to food and just let your body burn fat, your body starts to clean your body from slags like teer in your lungs and so on. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is your mineral-reservior. Drink much water and tea, maybe vegetable stock and take some dietary supplements. Sounds nice to burn 2,5kg fat in every week you dont eat anything, doesn´t it? "But dude, Im not fat, why should I do this?" Well, its not that complicated. Its not even nessesary to do fasting because its very radical and hard to keep it going. Eat whatever you want, keep under or next to your basic metabolism, just let out the carbohydrates. Its easier than you may think. I eat without carbohydrates and have many reciepes for nocarb- bread, pasta and so on. Of course you don´t need to take it too serious! Exceptions are allowed! But it should keep an exception. The unbelievable part of the ketabolism (ketone-metabolism) is, that it can heal many folk-diseases (prooven by many doctors, look it up!) like diabetes mellitus, coronal deseases, alzheimer , cancer, multiple sclerose (MS), fatty liver, epilepsis and rheumatism. Poorly most people don´t know this and trust on the general knowledge and the pharma-industry. Trust me, they make money with your deseases ^^. Best example for this bullshit are the well known "lite" products for fat people, that promise you to loose weight. Bullshit. They reduce the Fat-part on the products and raise the carbohydrates. We can say "thank you" to the sugar-industry at this point. They bribed some doctors, who now say "fat is bad and sugar is good". "How can you know this works against those deseases?" To understand this we need to get back to biology again. While we are in the ketabolism, our body raises the phagocytosis, that is a state, where phagocytes dissolute and neutralize foreign substances in the organism and take up the shaped matter by unicellular organisms. So slags and bad matter in our bodies get dissoluted and we get our energy. Diabetes mellitus I is caused by heredity, so we can´t do much here. The body doesn´t build insuline, so you cant use carbohydrates because insuline is the key to use it. Diabetes mellitus II on the other hand is acquired in life caused by sugar abuse and accustomated the body to the high sugar-supply - the body gets resistent to insuline. This issue can be corrected by stopping the sugar-supply. You deacquire your body from the high supply and you can use insuline again. Alzheimer is caused by inadequate washout of waste(remember the slags!) in the so called glymphatic Brainsystem and causes plaques in your brain. On ketabolysm (as I told you above) your body starts to clean out your body from slags (thats why you pee that often while fasting) and don´t let your body form plaques (thats the reason it´s against coronal deseases aswell, you can´t get heart- or any other infarct-attacks when your arteries are clean!) Cancer and ulcerations are mutated copies of our cells. They are copies, but they don´t have that above told DNA part, that swaps into ketabolism to keep alive. So logically if you don´t eat carbohydrates, the cancercells starve, because they only can convert carbohydrates. Ketabolism aswell multiplies the power of a chemo-therapy many times and reduces the side effects of it. Here aswell its proven by sciencists. Multiple sclerose (MS) is caused by inflammatory processes. In the fasting span your body produces masses of Cortisol, a stresshormone, what reduces any inflammatory-processes. Fatty liver and other hepatic deseases can stopped by ketabolism. It uses the fatexcess of the liver as energy and deslag the liver from the impact of alcoholism. Epilepsis is caused by ulcerations (dissolutable), perinatale braindamages while birth, Aneurisms, Infections and metabolismdeseases. Aneurisms and ulcerations aswell as infections and metabolismdeseases can be healed by the process told above many times. But some causes can´t be healed of course. Rheuma can be healed before it appears by dissolute slags of smoking and reduce inflammatory-effects. P.s.: If you deal with some illnesses, you will find out that many of them are caused by sugar or slags, and poorly many people die because they always got told bullshit. Most of you guys who are fat, are not guilty for it. Funny to say but it´s the truth. You´ve got told the wrong things by pharma-concerns, commercials and general knowledge... I hope I was able to get you all some valuable informations about this topic and I hope that I will take part in improving your health. It´s a very big topic, I´m not able to bring all informations in this post, it would take ages and you wouldnt want to read all this stuff. Please post your experiences and your knowledge, every commend is welcome. Best regards, Markarov
  2. First name: Timo Any sort of Nickname?: Götz, Markarov Age: 20 What country are you from?: Germany Are you a Parent?: not yet How many siblings do you have?: 3 What's your shoe size?: 43 (EU) What do you do for a living?: I am an ambulance assistant Greatest Fear?: need to revive anyone in family Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: traveltrip in Morrocco. Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) drowning the carengine with full passengers First thing you look for in a new friend?: is he straight and aboveboard? Is he using me for own preferences? Farthest you've been from home?: Morrocco What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: The nostalgia of cod4  Cat or Dog?: dogs 4x and growing What are your hobbies?: Musicproduction and Raving, doing arts in many genres, Medicine and Martial arts, and of course gaming What kind of Sports do you like?: martial arts, jogging, and workouts What's your favorite color?: no special color, but always combined constrasts, like black with red or white How about your favorite type of music?: EDM, Melbourne Bounce, Big Room, Future Bass, Bass-genres, Electro House and so on Favorite Song?: atm. Higher Place (Bassjackers Remix) by Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike, Ne-Jo What's your favorite TV show?: Breaking Bad, all badass guys- shows What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): science fiction, action, horror, comedy Favorite Movie?: no specials, all top 100 in general Favorite Book?: Reading Humans by Joe Navarro What do you like most about yourself?: oof, not the time to think about this , I guess doing no half things, being kind and funny, being honest and fair, being a team-player. What do you hate most about yourself?: being very impulsive, I don‘t let out my anger, I keep it for myself to not harm ppl but it destroys my health... What makes you very happy?: creating good meals, helping people and dark humor What makes you very sad?: getting missunderstood and rude behavior against me. What's your favorite beverage?: Redbulls, Lemonade, Ice-Tea, coffee, Softdrinks, Soda What you're favorite food/snack?: Polish and italian national-foods, own made food. Favorite actor/Actress?: Tom Hardy atm Favorite season? Why?: Summer because I prefer warm weather Favorite subject in school?: it was art and sports, english spanish and sciences. I did hate religion, politics, history, geography Favorite thing to learn about?: Medicine, Music and martial arts If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I would visit every country but living in canada or stay in germany   What are your top three games of all time?: DeadByDaylight, CoD4, Chivalry:Medieval Warfare Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Horror, Fightsystems and Teamgames, strategy Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: there is no How many games do you own?: I own about 200 on steam and about 30 CD‘s. Do you play console?: I have a X-Box but I play on Pc. What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): see above What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): FA of course , Porn - who denies this is a lier, youtube. How about you? regards Markarov 
  3. Dear Fealess Assassins, I´m new here, so I would like to give you a little Introduction of myself. I´m Markarov, a 20 year old CoD4-Vet with German nationality. Don´t panic, the prejudices about germans are not true I´m not a "Nazi" and the last couple of those iq-reduced doughebags are located in Saxony I had stopped playing about 2015 caused by private problems. But when I saw CoD4 in the Winter-sale of steam 2018, I began falling back in love with this game. I am a very kind and funny person, with me you will have lots of fun on guarantee I´m in love with music and art, (martial art aswell ) and I spent many many many hours on Call of Duty (and I will spend even more hours in it ). I always have an ear and mind for every topic and thought If you want to add me to your friendlist, don´t hesitate to contact me on discord. P.s. I prefer the 24/7 Beginners Server and wait for every person who wants to play with me (and if you didn´t notice, I love brackets ). Best Greetings, Markarov

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