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  1. God...everything about this dude makes me want to puke. His voice, his arrogant behaviour, his single-sided coverage ("single-sided" makes it sound better than it actually is...his "coverage" is truth-twisting, insulting, everything but objective and manipulative), his destructive jingoism...everything. He's basically just german, ultra-nationalistic, little troll. ^^
  2. Welcome to the forums mate!
  3. Soooo...any thoughts? Apparently the critics don't really like it (at least not as much as S1), buuut...so far, i'm quite happy with it (but then again...i'm a bit of a Character-Fanboy here, so i'm propably not really objective :D).
  4. Greetings from Germany...yes, this not so flattering picture was taken immediately after getting out of bed.
  5. Welcome dude! Looking forward to see you ingame!
  6. Welcome mate! Cya ingame!
  7. Looks quite promising imo. I'm excited about what they'll do with Ronin...
  8. RIP


    Saw it recently and...no, no, no, no, no, NO! God, even "X-men - Way of the Warrior" was better than this piece of shit! Sorry, i don't want to hurt anyones feelings here, but...COME ON! Venom and the whole symbiote crew is definitely one of Marvels darker Story-lines...(at least initially) a Venom-Plotline is supposed to be brutal, gritty, violent, traumatic maybe a bit of gallows humor, but...NOT laughable and riduculous. Venom was some strange kind of "pet" in this film and most of the dialogues were just absurd...and not the GOOD kind of "absurd". Talking of "brutal" btw...which idiot thought it would be a good idea to aim for a PG-13 raiting?! And how the hell do you want to want to properly introduce Carnage (seriously CARNAGE...from all the symbiotes you picked Carnage for this?!) into the next film (given that the next film will also be PG-13...and let's be honest, that's at least likely since switching ratings in the middle of a movie-series is damn rare as far as i know)? So yeah...tl:dr - i was a BIT disappointed by Venom...just a bit. Slightly.
  9. RIP


    Just saw it, and...well, just as Snuffs99 said: definitely one of the best DC Movies so far. I expected to get disappointed, but...hell the movie was really really entertaining. Great pictures, a likable protagonist-duo, proper amount of humor and good action-scenes. Wasn't a clean 10/10 for me (like "Logan" was for example), but...a VERY strong 7.

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