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  1. was a bit shocked when i saw 2 injector nozzles melted and 2 glow plugs also coolant in 3 cylinders , 3 connecting rods bended also the spot where the head gasket said goodnight it burned in to the cylinder head and slightly in the engine block
  2. thejonny119


    when i play i either go as WW2 US 2nd armored infantery or ww2 british 1st airborne got a M1 garand, M1903A4 springfield, colt 1911 and a lee enfield no.4 only got a picture from the US outfit
  3. aah look at that beauty ^^
  4. finaly had some time to put in my own engines again so got an other one of my Lister LR1 running the go pro died during filming btw xD
  5. just a regular V12 engine xD
  6. yes that is sandstorm, gues we got a major problem over here xD
  7. After a long search i've found a donor scheibendynamo ( the one on the left). An other step closer of getting my motorcycle running.
  8. 3 engines came in today 2 with a broken crankshaft xD first one is a iveco and the second one a caterpillar
  9. update carbu parts have arrived. the thingy on the left is the new original part ( floater chamber ) the one on the right is broken and missing parts ... the last pic is the carburettor body
  10. sadly it doesn't the floater chamber of the carburetor is cracked ,.... i already found and ordered a new original one so waiting for that at the moment ^^
  11. subaru engine crankshaft broken , big eng bearing caps broken ,..... think it's dead now xD funny enough the engine somehow was still running with all that goin on xD
  12. shuldn't be to bad had a subaru with a broken crankshaft today i'l prob get a pic thomorrow
  13. found some more pics these are from my grand father in 1958 germany he was the driver for his commanding officer
  14. Lets revive some forgotten pictures from a different time. While cleaning up the place i found some old pictures back. The guy in the middle on 2 of the pictures is my great grand father in ww1
  15. Mercedes V6 OM series came out of a truck
  16. and an other victim of modern society.
  17. the engine doesn't belong on it though we use it to put a load on the engine and test it this way
  18. started this one up today caterpillar C13
  19. just saw this video had to share it xD might even try it i got enof engines laying around anyways
  20. yea see it time to time even with caterpillar used to be so good but now ......
  21. aah wel the good quality in cars and other stuff is long gone my friend. it's only quantity above quality these days.
  22. yep serial number 129940 till 138522 were build in 1925 gotta look on german sites to find any info of those engines

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