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  1. Holy shit! is the highest one at jay3. Don't know about others.
  2. Hello and welcome! See you around
  3. I live here and this railway thing has been coming up over and over again. Not to mention big-ass bridges across the sea and car tunnels. So let's see.. Although - they sell tickets from december 2018 as said on first post. First express should leave station approximately 24.12.2024 There are 3 different tickets available. €50 single, €100 return trip and €1000 one year unlimited. This is quite cheap because after this pre-sale, a hell breaks lose. For example, €2499 for whole year would be established. Buy yours HERE Tickets are available for supporting the construction (that is still
  4. Made by an old teammate
  5. Ftwo


    Hello and welcome Lior!
  6. What a nice topic! Here is one I "borrowed" from Internet Idk who made this tho And made these for this topic. Hope you like them..
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