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  1. Finest


    ill try and get someone to set me up admin on the server and ill keep an eye on it even when im not playing i am usually around
  2. glad to see supergold rush back around now just waiting on GoldenDunk lol
  3. was wondering if any of you listen to rap or hip hop music
  4. i dont know why it sucked me in like it did, i spent 2 strait days on netflix watching it lol
  5. thank you!! I love it, u can make another or get more creative if you would like but i like this one alot! im going to use it!!
  6. I remember there was a map called Cortex i want to say, its like your a tiny soldier in a huge house? Anyway im sure someone on here remembers the exact name of the map. Another one was the Super Dunk map where each team had to grab the obj and jump on the trampoline to try and make yourself go threw the hoop with the obj, i really liked this map! Super Goldrush was another map that I really liked when it first came out. Was wondering if anyone else liked these maps? or maybe old cool maps similar to these? Maybe get the in rotation?
  7. Finest


    hey man glad u joined us on the forums see you on the battlefield!
  8. hey man im glad u found your way back i hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
  9. damn cheep im sorry to hear this, my condolences brotha
  10. What is the signature about? Detroit The size of the signature in pixels? Not, im not picky though, the examples wouldn't load for me The color combination you prefer? I dont care for red The text you want on the signature? =F|A=Finest, Fearless Assassin Anything signature maker should avoid? Nah Does not have to be this picture or size just an example, if anything id like it a little more horizontal and less vertical so my posts dont blow up peoples screens or take up to much space in pages
  11. Finest

    3 word story

    Just wanted to see how you guys felt about this, this is the story from page 1 to the end of 25 all typed out so you can read it, ill type the rest out but im not going to do all that if nobody wants to read it all as one lol i personally found it kind of funny. So I guess just react to this post if you want me to type it out to current PAGE 1-25 There once were two fat unicorns drifting their Ferrari down California hills while chased by three gleeful clowns who were very drunk and high as kites, but still they could drive the car backwards until they .. unt
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