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  1. I'm very happy to see here Odeon! Good game!
  2. Nice! Happy to see u here Lior!
  3. As it was proposed to me: used the cleaner, but no success, I reinstalled the game saving et key and silent.dat
  4. Hi, sometimes I happened to be disconnected "could not reopen 951b.wav", but only sometimes, tonight always. When I use the op field and use the binoculars for the attack request, crash. What can I do?
  5. Hello, thanks for the opportunity! I am very happy to start this new adventure! A question, where should I enter the guid? On my profile? I have not found.

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    2. United Blood

      United Blood

      Great looks good, meet you on silent 1 and I'll set you ;)

    3. Requiem of Nine

      Requiem of Nine


      now unfortunately I have to go at 3:30 pm the notary is waiting for me

    4. United Blood

      United Blood

      Okay, at least you've submitted your guids now. 

  6. I saw u in game! See u soon Thanks
  7. Sorry for the bad English, I'am Italian and I'm not to..young, I play ET from a lot of years, perhaps 2002-2004, don't remeber exactly, I was in Bunker Clan, unfortunately the servers where I played..day after day they had fewer and fewer players online, especially during my hours, 2 year ago, I think, I found this server and I immediately liked it, I also met some Bunker member. My real name in Michele I write from Italy and more specifically from Forli, 200 km from the Venice map looool anche 40km from Rimini, I'm 46 years old and I have a real estate agency, I have a partner who speaks English, French, Spanish perfectly for work, as well as Italian, of course, but I have not learned anything.
  8. Thanks guys! Italy map is a good map, but Venice map is really really realistic!!!
  9. Hi, in game I'm Requiem, in real Michele, from Italy, I play ET..this is a good server! Se you all in game!

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