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  1. I also wish an excellent birthday to larysa ..
  2. A big thank you for the information. I also changed my password ...
  3. Hi, welcome... very nice to see you here....
  4. If it helps you, I use the google translator to write. it allows me to learn new words and turn phrases (there are often long times between sentences and I apologize) .... cons, I see that I use it less and less for small sentences. I learn. hihi ...
  5. Still worries. When I type "/ mypbguid condump", I have following line: dumped console text to mypbguid and following line: ERROR: couldn "t open .... sincerely sorry for breaking your b.... No "mypbguid" file anywhere
  6. Super awesome. it works ... a very big thank you. Finally, I move on.
  7. Can not have my Guid. I go into the console, I type / cl_guid and I have "unknown" default: "unknown" ..... I have updated my ennemy territory but I can not ... I tried it too "/ Myguid. Does not work either
  8. I am bored. I can not get into a Jaymod server to install my GUID. Can not find the file "jaymod / ##### fav6.pk3 (attention # = square) Sorry. Where could i fine this file ? thanks...
  9. Super. A big thank you...

    1. United Blood

      United Blood

      no probs m8, I sent you a PM :)

  10. Ok ... for the GUID, thanks for the way but it does not work. I must admit that I'm sick of it ... we'll leave it alone. Too complicated to become an admin. Sorry.
  11. DrJekyll


    Once again, I opened a Paypal account to make a donation for F / A but impossible because I do not have a credit card (no cryptogram). If eventually, the M / A administrator could send me an account number, I could make a direct payment. It would simplify things. Yours truly. Dr. jekyll ... Sorry for the inconvenience (for cons, I just understand how the forum works ... lol .. I'm progressing)
  12. DrJekyll


    Belge but i speak french
  13. DrJekyll


    Hello. I am a bit slow to answer because I do not know English well. (I use translator) but I'm learning now. Am happy to join the group F / A and still happy to play on the server. A big thank you for welcoming me. Ludovic. (aka Dr Jekyll)
  14. DrJekyll


    Hello, I introduce myself, Dr. Jekyll (nickname). Belgian. I am 53 years old, entrepreneur, married to my wife since I was 17 years old, two children. I play Ennemy Territory since the release of the game and for quite some time on F / A (good server and very good player). My qualities, I always try to play with fairplay. My fault, I do not speak English well (I'm on hihi translator) but I learn. For some time, I have been asked to introduce myself to be a admin. I do not know how to do it. Maybe some people can help me by reading this. I also intended to donate to the server but I do not have a credit card (I do not like it), only bank card. Also, if the M / A has a bank account, I could make a payment. Here is. Whatever happens, I love F / A and intend to continue playing long, very long..Dr Jekyll (ludovic)

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