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  1. Whitesell

    ET Server Suggestion Trickjump server.

    TJ is a super fun way to spend time whenever pwning on a different server get’s old. Personally I love it even if I’m kinda bad at it. Would love to see this
  2. What formats do you play in MTG? I’m pretty much exclusively a Modern guy, dabbling a bit in pauper too. Welcome!
  3. Whitesell


    Maryland. Up near D.C. Already done Thanks!
  4. Whitesell


    Getting ready to move out. Any moving tips for me? Greatly appreciated -Whitesell
  5. Forgive me for being a nub but what is the difference between 2.6 and 2.6b? Obviously an update but what is changed?
  6. Whitesell

    ET Server Suggestion Move/shoot Through Teammates

    Thanks for the responses! Maybe I just need to git gud
  7. Whitesell

    ET Server Suggestion Move/shoot Through Teammates

    I find Jay1/Beginners get very packed at time. A constant struggle that bugs me is not being able to shoot any enemy because a teammate is between you and them. This turns a lot of 1v2 and 1v3 situations into the 1 somehow destroying the bigger amount. Also not being able to move through teammates ruins your momentum when jumping with the objective or just jumping to get to a choke point faster. Being able to move through teammates would also prevent the blocking issue that sometimes happens. Overall I think it would be a general improvement. I’m not very intelligent on the inner mechanics of
  8. Currently thinking Tokyo Ghoul is both my favorite anime and manga. I do really enjoy some Naruto but that seems to mainstream to be my favorite XD
  9. Hey there. I'm currently Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force. Pretty new to it overall, I just finished up my tech school. My classes are co-op with some Marines, love their humor. I'll be in up Fort Meade, MD here in a couple weeks. What is your MOS?
  10. Whitesell


    What are your favorite games other than the ones you play on FA servers? Mine are probably: League of Legends, Escape from Tarkov and Battlefield 5
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