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  1. RCNoodle

    ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Most of those are good obj maps, What other maps are you looking for?
  2. RCNoodle

    ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Need to add: Glider,Flag in the middle, Lighthouse, North Pole(At Christmas Time), PONG, Saberpeak, Subway, Tank race, Wuerttemberg, Alps Trail We have the map Millennium Falcon already on hardcore why not the map Tatooine?? Good obj map. Need some good halloween maps as well. Like UJE Halloween A different version of Goldrush,Fuel Dump, Radar
  3. RCNoodle

    ET Server Suggestion just a note on spam

    I agree, No matter what kind of spam it is it does get annoying, but if someone is seriously bothering you, you can always /ignore them. That's how I would solve that problem.
  4. After many years some of the Renegade clan members have come back to play ET. Duty,ShotgunSally, and I started playing on F|A Hardcore XPS, just dropped in to say hey & hope to see more fimilar names out their. HAPPY FRAGGING:D -Noodle
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